Aaron Hall II

2023 6’8 Aaron Hall (Charlotte NETS 2021-Gainey): Hall has a nice blend of size and skill to his game early on that will make him one to keep an eye on.  He showed tremendous understanding to shield off defenders around the rim, along with nice timing on the boards.  Always seemed to be active and moving on the court.

2020 6’5 David Pino (Charlotte Dragons 17u): Pino should be a player that D2/D3 schools should be looking at.  A 6’5 utility player on the court. Does everything, plays every position, and does what his team needs to find success.  He also knows how to score on multiple areas of the court.

2022 Kory Davis/ 2022 Kendall Davis (1-Carolina): The twins were at it again.  I group them together because of how they play so well and interchange their games on the court.  Both are able to initiate and distribute to teammates, as well as score the ball on multiple levels on the court.  Kendall has more of a game that distributes on the floor while Kory has a knack to find openings and attacks.

2021 6’1 Tyler Rice (1-Carolina): Rice leads the team on the court and does it with such a smooth, fluid feel with his game.  Rice palsy with a natural feel for the game, seeing the floor, and making plays when called upon.  Like what he also provides on the defensive end as well.

2021 6’3 Michael Dulin (Carolina Riptide): Dulin did everything he could for his team to remain close, scoring 18 points on Day 1.  Dulin was aggressively around the rim, using his length to finish well in transition but also showed he can step out and knock down shots from the perimeter.  Plays with such a calm manor on the court.

2021 5’8 Lamont McNeil Jr (Manzer 17u): McNeil grabbed our attention all throughout early on, as he displayed tremendous feel with the ball in his hands.  He is incredibly quick and a tremendous ability to create off the dribble for himself or for teammates.  Loved his change of direction on the court and scored the ball well.

2021 6’6 Judd Coan (Upward Stars Watson): Coan can absolutely light it up from the perimeter knocking down multiple three’s in the win.  He excels in pick and pop situations but also has the ability to put the ball on the deck.  Receiving some interest from D2 schools.

2021 6’8 Adam Comer (Upward Stars Watson): Comer has only been playing basketball for about three years now but the big man moves well, is active on both ends, makes himself big on the defensive end to block shots or be disruptive, and has active hands.  Certainly a player that can help at the next level and coachable.