CP Perry

2027 CP Perry (Team Ish): Perry is a familiar face on the Phenom platform, and he only continues to get better the more we see the young prospect. Perry is a tremendous leader on the floor with his game, showing immense poise, understanding, creativity, and does a nice job in being a facilitator as well as a scorer.  A really exciting young prospect that should get more attention down the road.

2024 Antione Hurns (Team Trezz): The 6’7 from Word of God is one that I would keep my eye on. He really showcased his production, but that is something we have seen quite a bit over the last few weeks. Really like the size and energy that he plays with, using his length to be a strong scorer around the basket and on the boards. He went for 22 points on Day 1.

2024 Chris Harris (DB Elite): Harris was a small guard that grabbed our attention with his play early on. The 2024 prospect from Wakefield displayed quickness, the ability to attack out in transition and find ways to score with the ball off the dribble and from multiple levels. Did a nice job in creating off the bounce and finishing, but also finding ways to get others involved.

2027 Brayden Gatling (Team Crews): Gatling is going to be a name that I will want to jot down and remember as he develops as a prospect. But he showed the early flashes in his game, as the 5’9 guard brings toughness to the court. Really liked his ability to create and make plays, showing how shifty he can be, but also making his presence felt in other ways on both ends of the court.

2025 Justin Brown (Raleigh Raiders): Right from the stretch, Brown caught my eye and he really displayed what his potential could on the floor. At his size, how long he is, and his athleticism (that surprised some), Brown was able to be an effective presence in the paint, on the boards, and finishing with authority at the rim.

2025 Mike Brown (Team Holley): Brown may have had the best showing on the day when I was watching, as he was a scoring machine on Day 1. Brown has such a smooth feel, switching up his pace, attacking and finding ways to score around defenders in transition, but also knocking down shots with a fluid and confident release.  Love his overall feel and at times made it look easy, as he went for 34 points in Game 1.

2023 Jamison Graves (NC Spartans): Graves really impressed our scouts today, especially with his overall impact on the floor. He filled up the stat sheet, competed on both ends and was able to be effective on the boards and set up others.  However, he still was a tough matchup with his quickness and ability to get into the paint, as he also showed his scoring impact.

2024 Jackson Rein (DB Elite): Rein played very well on Day 1 at the March Madness. He is a tough player that plays hard and competes.  He also does a great job in stretching the defense, as he showed that he can be a very effective weapon from the outside with multiple threes.  Great showing from the young man.