2020 Justin Thomas (Village Christian): It may have not been the best scoring output but what a state line he finished with, impacting the game in an array of ways.  Finishing with 6 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists, 4 blocks, and 3 steals, Thomas displayed that he can really impact a game on both ends and do more than score.

2021 6'3 Carter Whitt (Leesville Road): Already one of the premier talents in the country, it still is a pleasure to watch just what he can do on the court.  Whitt's ability to create off the dribble is big time, as well as his feel and vision on the floor; he makes it look effortless. He was aggressive all night long, scoring 22 points.

2021 6'1 Bobby Pettiford (South Granville): Pettiford's ability to get downhill with his athleticism and strength was almost unstoppable. He has low handles and can lull you asleep at times, but shows his burst to get to the rim and finish tough.  Pettiford not only scored the ball but rebounded extremely well for a guard, as well as dish out six assists in the win.

2021 6'3 Elijah Jamison (Louisburg): Jamison came in as a scorer and that he did for his team.  Whether it was getting to his spots, his pull-up game, or craftiness around the rim, he is tough to slow down.  Also rebounded the ball really well in route to a double-double.

2022 5'11 Joshua Rogosich (NRCA): only a sophomore, Rogosich shot the ball incredibly well and with a ton of confidence.  Time and time again, he came up big for his team with the three-ball.  He did a good job at moving without the ball and getting to his spot to find an opening.

2023 6'1 Jordan Durham (Louisburg): Only a freshman but Durham showed signs that he has the talent to play.  Solid size and certainly could still grow, he displayed a good feel for the game at an early age. Can pull-up from three and with his mid-range, as well as pick his openings. Makes the right decisions and will only continue to grow and develop.