Jaheim Taylor

2022 Kendrell Brooks (Brothers Basketball): Brooks has been a consistent threat on the court, as the 6’2 prospect has scored consistently in an array of areas on the court, pulling up and knock down shots but also getting to the basket.  But also enjoyed his vision and floor sense, making some terrific passes to set up his teammates for easy shots.

2021 Jaheim Taylor (Hart Select): Taylor was a bucket in high school this past season and is showing it again here at the Phenom Stay Positive.  He plays with terrific confidence in his ability to be a scoring threat and also plays with a little swagger to his game.  Taylor, as well as Hart Select, has played really well for much of Day 1 at the Phenom Stay Positive.

2023 Patrick Tivnan (Team HOPE): Tivnan is a very intriguing, rising big that coaches should certainly be aware of.  He has a really good balance of size, IQ, and skill on the floor, something you don’t always see with someone his size.  It is going to be very interesting to see how he continues to develop and elevates his game the older he gets but it looks like he is going to have a bright future.

2022 Takai Simpkins (Garner Road): Simpkins had a solid Day 1 but really showcased his full scoring arsenal in Game 2 on Saturday.  Takai, along with his twin brother, can be incredibly deadly with their long length as a guard, their speed and athleticism, and ability co create for themselves and get downhill at the rim.  He was aggressive in Game 2 with his scoring output, as both brothers should be on the radar of quite a few college programs.

2022 Xavier McKelvy (Charlotte Royals): It seems that we could put this young mans name every time on the list for standouts but he deserves all the attention he gets at an event. With a few players missing this weekend for the Royals, McKelvy had to step up even more and that he did, scoring every way possible.  What some people miss with his game is how he is able to knock down difficult shots or create in difficult situations.  One thing can be said, when a team knows your going to be the go-to guy and they still can’t slow you down, you are doing something right. 

2024 Jamaal Phatty (THG): This is a new name in North Carolina that many might not know but he should start garnering some attention with his game.  Still a work in progress but he is a 6’7, fluid and mobile prospect that is effective on both ends of the floor. Very active on the floor and just starting his story but one to really watch.

2023 Will Otto (Garner Road Davis): Otto saved one of the best performances for last, as he simply went off in his offensive showing. Otto simply was unstoppable with his scoring ability, knocking down six 3-pointers but also showcased his crafty feel.  He is a fundamentally sound guard that plays sound and has a great IQ but he gave us a glimpse of his scoring output that he is capable of doing.

2023 Jakobe Hood (Team Hickory): Hood simply put on a performance that captured a lot of eyes, scoring 30 of his 34 points in the second half.  Simply, he couldn’t be stopped, scoring inside and out, getting to the rim, knocking down shots and doing whatever he needed to do to help his team secure the hard-fought win.  It was impressive what he was able to do!

2022 Joel Baucom (Combine): Baucom came in and gave everyone a picture of just how effective he can be on the court, especially as a shot-maker.  But he is more than just a three-point threat, really bringing a nice balance, being aggressive when needed, and hurting defenses with his pull-up.  Really like his IQ and feel for the game and expect more coaches to look his way.

2021 Khalil Brantley (Mint Hill Lakers): There aren’t just too many guards taht you know are going to walk out there and there isn’t much you are going to do to slow him down, as he simply gets a bucket when he wants. Brantley continues to be a strong talk at events with his scoring capability, as he is just wired different than many other players. He looks to be again on a tear and leading the offensive charge for his team at the Phenom Stay Positive