2024 Chicale Ward (Bull City Prep): Ward has put together back-to-back outstanding games to help lead his team to two wins. The 6’5 prospect has been an extremely effective scorer on the floor and is a tough matchup with his skill set, his versatility, and his ability to score in a variety of ways. He is coming off a 30-point showing and ended today with 20 points in the win on Day 2.  Opening a few eyes and can be used in many ways on the court.

2025 Zy’Mari Perry (Greater Destiny Prep): As I mentioned in my tweet, Perry simply has been the definition of production when he is on the court. The sophomore prospect plays so hard and remains active on both sides of the floor. Perry does a great job in showing touch, along with his strong presence and willingness to battle inside.  Loved his work ethic on Day 2, and have put his name down as one to keep an eye on more.

2024 Jovon Dancy Jr (Lab U): With a key player missing on Day 2, it was Dancy who stepped up with 24 points on Day 2 for his team. After having a solid Day 1, he was able to really take advantage of his opportunity in getting to the line, step out from outside, and also be strong in finishing.  Really good showing from the junior prospect.

2023 Khalif Barnes (Piedmont Classical): Piedmont Classical is a team that many could snag some underrated talent, but the 6’7 senior Barnes continues to be a matchup nightmare for teams. With his size, his skill set, and his ability to make plays from multiple levels, pop out and hit shots but also be strong down in the paint; there is a lot to like about his game as he led the charge in a Day 2 win.

2024 Jacob Brandly (Combine Regional): Brandly is a player we have spoken about on a few occasions, and nearly every time we see him, he gives us another reminder of how effective he can be as well as valuable. No problem in pick-and-pop situations with a smooth shot from outside behind the arc.  But he can also be effective around the paint and really mix it up against a defense. Great showing for 25 points today in the win.

2023 Demyron Williams (Acker Academy): Another great day for Acker Academy overall as a team, but Williams was the leader for the day with 16 points. He was able to make plays, show poise in his game, and score multiple times from three. Smart guard that really made strong plays today.  Impressive play from the guard, and yet again from the team overall.

2026 Yohance Connor (1of1): Every time we get a chance to see this young man play, we continue to be amazed with his play. Absolutely love his overall energy on the court; you know what you will always get from him. He is relentless on defense, plays full throttle at all times, and does an excellent job in getting downhill, finishing at the rim, and filling up the stat sheet.

2024 Caden Bell (NC GBB): Bell led the way in what was a tough battle to end the day, as he had an efficient day in scoring the ball, creating off the dribble and making plays, and also put pressure on the defense. Whether it was getting to his to the line, getting to his spots for his jumper, or showing range, he was strong offensively, as well as making plays defensively.