The Phenom Memorial Day Classic was off the charts and gave us all a treat throughout the weekend with the talent that came through the doors. There was a ton of talent but we had a few players that really captured our attention from the event. So here are the best of the best from the players I personally viewed from the event in Rock HIll.

2022 Julian Phillips (Upward Stars): Phillips was an absolute animal all weekend long, as the 6’8 Top-100 prospect gave all viewers a glimpse of his improved game.  Overall, Phillips has everything you want in a big-time prospect, and with his consistent outside threat (something that has improved a lot over the last year or so), Phillips is simply a matchup nightmare.  He gave everyone a view of his athleticism, versatility, offensive scoring power, and impact on the boards, blocking shots, and running the floor.  There is a reason why he is one of the top prospects in the country and it was easy to see why.

2022 KC Shaw (PSB Lowery): Shaw really seems to be taking those necessary steps in his game, as the long guard really showed that he has that takeover-type mentality.  This weekend, he was more assertive in scoring the ball, consistently posting 20+ points and even a few 30-point performances, as he rose over defenders, displayed his handles to create for himself, and knocked down tough shots.  You have been able to see his potential in his game and if he continues to show what he showed this weekend, he may be putting it all together.

2022 Jazian Gortman (PCH Nightrydas): Gortman came in with a lot of intrigue with his game and there is no surprise, he has proven to be one of the top guards in the country with his style of play and excitement.  He had some buzz coming in and he really gave us all a show, especially in his final two games where he posted 30+ points and showcased his playmaking and shot-making ability; it is simply big-time and gets you to say wow.  He proved himself once again.

2022 Chance Morrow (Team United): I could sit and watch Morrow in action all day long.  The dual-sport athlete simply brings it day in and day out, plays with a tremendous motor and energy, and is a terrific mismatch with his 6’6 long and bouncy frame.  Morrow’s guard-like skills make him incredibly difficult against big’s but he can handle himself on the boards and in the paint, while also using his bounce and long body to go right over guards.  He was consistent throughout the tournament for Team United.

2022 Trey Ramsey (Riptide): Ramsey continues to shine on the big stage and honestly, you could have chosen 2023 Cole Callaway or others in the way they all played on their way to a championship. But it was Ramsey’s play, both inside and out, running the floor, getting on the boards, and being such a consistent offensive threat.  Ramsey played strong all weekend long and continues to show he has the talent to play at the next level.

2022 Julian Kiett (PCH Nightrydas): Though Kiett suffered a small injury late in the weekend, Kiett is one that should receive more attention with his game and played extremely well this weekend along with Gortman.  The guard continues to show how strong and tough he can be on the court, getting downhill and embracing contact while finishing.  He showed it time after time throughout the event, getting into the paint at will. With his size, craftiness, physicality, and athleticism, more schools should be looking his way.

2022 Patrick Wessler (CC Elite): Hey look, Patrick Wessler finds himself on another standout list and he deserves all of the praise he has been receiving.  The 7-footer was tremendous once again, posting double-doubles again and being a dominant presence.  When you watch his game, his improvement in his footwork and feel for the game can quickly be recognized. Wessler is such a fundamental big with great vision and touch, which is why he should be rising up the national rankings… quickly!!

2023 Emanuel Richards (Upward Stars): Richards has been a familiar name in the state of South Carolina but you can see that he has put in the work to develop his game and become a better-balanced player.  When talking about his game before, you always had to mention the physicality and getting downhill, bullying his way through opponents and finishing around the basket which he still does today. But he really showed that he has worked on expanding his game, being able to knock down shots from the perimeter, initiate the offense, and make an impact both on offense and defense.