2025 Bryce Baker (Team Bond): If you don’t know the name Bryce Baker, you may want to start learning. The dual-sport athlete could be a player on the rise, whether it is in basketball or football.  On the court though, this is a young man that plays with a ton of confidence.  He doesn’t let the bright lights get to him, as Baker plays within himself and with what his team needs him to do.  Baker understands how to score the ball on all levels and has done that time after time, including this high school season in which he averaged around 17ppg.  His physical stature allows him to finish strong and through contact, but he also shows a confident jumper.  What you also must like about his game is that he WANTS to do the little things; help on the boards, play defense, and make those hustle plays.

2023 Will Gray (NC Spartans): Gray has been one we have talked about quite a few times in the past, as our own Jeffrey Bendel has spoken very highly about him.  Getting a chance to watch more of his game personally for myself, Gray is moving up the rankings for me as well.  Gray is a strong-bodied guard that really makes an impact on both ends of the court.  He shows that he can get downhill and be explosive on the court, as well as knock down shots at times.  Gray can really fill it up but also shines as a leader and can be unselfish on the court.  And that doesn’t mention his defensive presence, something that we have raved about.

2024 Richard Goods (Carolina Clutch): Goods continues to play well, especially over the last year or so. But it was great for the forward to step up once again on the big stage with college coaches watching and showing his development as a prospect. He continues to bring that physical nature down low in the paint, finishing strong around the basket, being physical on the boards, and making his presence felt defensively as well.  But he also gave more of a glimpse into how he is continuing to expand and step out with his jumper.  Goods should only continue to get on the radar for more college coaches, especially with his consistent play.

2022 Treyvon Byrd (Team Trezz Williams): Not sure what else the unsigned senior needs to show but he came out once again and proved himself again of the impact he can provide at his length. We know about his athleticism and we know his ability to score in a variety of ways, but he continues to also show that he can be another ball-handler on the court, use his length to make an impact on the defensive end, and just be a consistent presence on the court. Byrd led his team on several occasions and was consistent all weekend long.

2023 Cole Callaway (Carolina Riptide): Watching Callaway over the years, we continue to be impressed with the progression he makes with his game.  But with the work that he puts in, no one should be surprised by it. In the games that I personally watch, he stepped up as a leader and brought his team back in the second half with some big shots and strong drives.  And then, we watched him step up in overtime and hit the dagger three to give his team the win.  Callaway is stepping up more as a leader and is showing he wants the ball in his hands, especially when his team needs him.  The 2023 guard has only added more to his game though, really making him more of a complete player.

2023 Zion McDuffie (Anthony Morrow Elite): I believe that McDuffie is going to be one that more schools could be taking a look at, especially with his impact in all facets of the game.  He has terrific size for his position and when you add his athleticism, McDuffie is a tough matchup on the court. Offensively this weekend, he showcased his explosiveness as an athlete but also his ability to be a threat from outside, knocking down multiple threes.  That doesn’t mention how he uses his length and frame on the defensive end, creating turnovers and also being all over the glass.  McDuffie can just fill it up and think he should be one to monitor this entire summer.

2024 Carson Daniel (BSA Supreme): The Daniel twins played well during the first LIVE Period but Carson was the one that really captured my eyes with how he elevated his game, especially scoring-wise.  Carson always does a terrific job in controlling the game, initiating the offense, and getting his teammates involved as well, but over the weekend, he really showed his ability to move without the ball, knock down shots coming off screens, and penetrate to get into the lane and finish.  Had several great showings, but he and his brother Chase Daniel should be all over college coaches’ radar.