2022 6’6 Mikhail Pocknett (WBC Elite Aria Paris): Pocknett may have had the best weekend out of everyone at the event and I’m sure there are a few college coaches that are taking a hard look his way more.  In the two games we watched him, he was unstoppable, getting downhill, finishing through contact, getting to the line, pushing the ball in transition after a rebound, and all over the boards.  He went 31 on Day 2, finishing with a double-double and then backed that up with a 38-point impressive showing on Day 3.  The unsigned senior was an absolute beast on the floor and for the most part, looked unstoppable.

2024 Jaylen Sturdivant (Sandhills Machine): Outside of Pocknett, Sturdivant was a name that I was highly impressed with.  I haven’t been able to watch much of the 6’4 prospect but he is a name that I will start looking at more and college coaches should as well.  At his size, his ability to initiate and run the offense is impressive, mixing it up with his ability to not only score and create for himself but also to drive and dish.  After a strong performance at the event, we shall see if this only elevates his play throughout the summer and into the next season.

2024 Carlos Vazquez (Eastern Carolina Phenomz): Vazquez has been impressive every time we have seen him and with his travel ball team, we get to see more of his game and exactly just what he can do.  We have known his production and impact on the boards from his high school season but with Phenomz, he really gets a chance to show how versatile he can be, how he can step out and handle while creating for himself.  Vazquez knows how to use his body, get to the basket, and finish but also make plays in a variety of other ways.

2023 Grady Whitt (Go Hard): It may have been the best all-around weekend we have seen from Whitt, as he really displayed his natural feel with the ball in his hands and when aggressive, what he can do offensively. At his size, Whitt continued to show his ability to make plays off the dribble, leading the offense and getting everyone involved. But he was also aggressive in finding ways to score as well, whether it was getting into the lane and finishing or just controlling the game.

2023 Julius Harrison (NL Disciples): Every time we watch Harrison, he continues to produce and get better. The 6’6 versatile prospect just does a little bit of everything on the floor, whether it is showing his bounce and ability to finish, create space for his shot, help on the boards, or defend multiple positions, Harrison really can impact the floor in an array of ways.

2022 Sam Cogan (Team Denver): The unsigned senior is giving everyone a reminder that he can be a nice piece for a program late.  We have known and seen his ability to score the ball effectively, whether it is creating and getting into the paint or spotting up and with his jumper.  But you add that to his IQ, his winning-play mentality, and leadership on the floor, Cogan continues to produce and display his well-rounded offensive capabilities.

2023 Jesse Mitchell (Strong Center): Mitchell was quite impressive all weekend long.  He had to battle through a couple of games but really showed how tough he is as a player and how efficient he can be.  Mitchell does a terrific job in getting to his spots, and who can really knock down the mid-range and from three.  He was strong all throughout, was strong off the catch, and made plays with his dribble.

2023 Cole Callaway (Riptide): Callaway continues to play at a high level for his team, stepping up as a leader and understanding when he needs to elevate his offensive game.  He displays one of the best shots from outside in the state of North Carolina; very confident shooter from three. But also continues to show his IQ, his feel, his willingness to make winning plays and step up, and his continued development in his offensive game.  Callaway continues to be the leader for the Riptide, this time averaging nearly 19 points per game throughout the weekend.