2024 Tyler Showalter (BSA Supreme): Showalter is one that has really seen his game elevate and has been trending upward since the start of the travel ball season. The 6’6 prospect is showing a better understanding of his ability, and is certainly being more assertive overall; being stronger in making plays off the dribble, getting to the basket, and looking more for his jumper from all levels. Showalter is also showing more of his impact in guarding multiple positions, and impacting the game on the boards.

2023 Ryan Evans (Cap City Charlotte): Evans was a name that continued to pop up after each game. He posted games of 20+ points all throughout the weekend, and this is coming off a HS season in which he averaged nearly 26ppg for Walnut Grove Christian. The 6’5 prospect could be used in a variety of ways, finished well around the paint, but was a big-difference maker with his three point shooting. He finished with 19 made 3’s during the weekend.

2025 Jackson Fannon (Carolina Riptide 2024 Kody): Fannon continues to be a name that grabs my attention. At 6’7, he can really be a tough matchup and consistently led his team offensively. Fannon has the comfort level in getting to his spots and knocking down threes, stretching the defense with his jumper, but was also a presence in other areas as well. Very skilled forward that can space the floor.

2024 Grant Hamilton (CC Elite 2024): Hamilton came in as must-see TV and he didn’t disappoint! Not only going off for a 42-point outing, but Hamilton also ended the event averaging 25.8ppg and showing how big of an offensive weapon he can be. He hit a ton of threes throughout, but also was crafty in creating for himself, getting into the paint, and displaying a tremendous IQ in finding teammates. Hamilton should be one that walks away with multiple offers after his play at the Phenom Challenge.

2024 Mason Hagedorn (Combine): Another player that should be garnering more attention from what he showed, Hagedorn gives you a lot to like with his play. As a focal feature on the floor, the 6’10 big man was operating well in the post and on the glass but also stretches the floor well as you have to respect his shot-making ability with range. He runs the floor well, gets to his spots, and really did a great job in showing his impact on the court. Very strong event for the big man from Combine.

2024 Champion Hayden (Holley Snow Elite): Hayden averaged nearly 23 points per game throughout the event, as he brought a constant presence in making plays off the dribble, getting downhill, and getting to the basket. Hayden was able to fill it up, finish through contact, and also get to the free-throw line. He is a tough, athletic prospect that sets the tone.

2024 Abrahm Driver (Juice All-Stars Waka Flocka): Driver once again finds his name on the standout list; he continues to be a consistent performer and attracts the eyes of college coaches. The 6’7 forward moves very well around the floor, is always engaged on the court, has nice touch around the basket, and has a tremendous wingspan that allows him to be active on the boards.