It was another great weekend in Rock Hill at the Phenom Halloween Havoc. There were several players that really captured our eyes with their performances but there were a few that really left the event leaving their mark. Check out who really stood out from the weekend.

2022 Landon King (Charlotte Guards):

King was the king of the weekend at the Phenom Halloween Havoc, as he put on a show offensively.  King is still considered one of those underrated guards around the Charlotte area but has continued to produce, and he should be a huge piece for West Charlotte this year.  He can fill it up from deep, showcase his surprising quickness and get to the basket, and just plays extremely hard with something to prove each time.  He was special this weekend in Rock Hill.

What Was Said: '6'1 2022 Landon King (Charlotte Guards) is putting on a scoring clinic. Getting to the basket, knocking down shots from 3. Expect him to have a big year at West Charlotte.'

2022 Nygie Stroman (Flight 22 Prep)

Stroman is one that simply produces but at times gets overlooked. But you can’t deny that he is a matchup problem with his 6’6 frame, his motor, and ability to operate in so many areas on the floor on both ends. He is comfortable moving around and operating offensively inside and out, finishing strong around the rim but displaying a mid-range game. He also moves really well on the defensive end and plays extremely hard, while helping get on the boards. He isn’t flashy but super productive for his team.

What Was Said: “6'6 2022 Nygie Stroman having a very good day. The true small forward is contributing in just about every way you can name. College-ready frame, defends with fair purpose. Somewhat slow, but comfortable offensive game.”

2024 Dylan Deluca (Elite 1):

We may be reaching a turning point for Deluca.  He had a strong showing this summer but has only continued to take off with his game this fall.  With his 6'6 frame and mobility, Deluca has shown that he can be effective in a variety of ways offensively.  Whether it is his improved low post play and finishing in the paint, or stepping out and showing his versatility on the floor, Deluca is a matchup nightmare at times.  But he understands how to use his length to his advantage on both ends.  This could be the start of a strong year for the sophomore prospect.

What Was Said: '6'6 '24 Dylan Deluca (Elite One) is getting whatever he wants as the leader of this group. Whether through passing, rebounding, or three-level scoring, he's had no issue controlling the action.'

2023 Kahlif Barnes (Piedmont Classical HS):

Barnes really captured some eyes with his play this weekend.  The 6'8 forward played hard, with a great motor, and showcased just how physical he can be.  For his size, he is a very agile big that moves well without the ball, uses his motor to outwork opponents on the boards, and just is relentless down in the paint.  He makes a big impact for this team and just outworks so many of his opponents.

What Was Said: '6'8 2023 Kahlif Barnes strong, physical forward. Good finisher around the rim. Controls the boards both offensively/ defensively. Has showcased his ability to hit the mid-range game.'

2022 Christian Henry (TSF):

This was my first viewing of Henry with TSF but I was impressed with what I saw.  Though he may not be the biggest guard, he plays under control and was consistent in getting paint touches.  He attacked the defense effectively, was able to get to the rack to score, but also open up opportunities for his teammates.  Really liked his feel and how he controlled the tempo in the game, but also picked his spots to attack.

What Was Said: '6'0 2022 Christian Henry (TSF Global) is a solid lead guard for this group. Plays low to the ground, touches the paint at an impressive rate for right now. Has the size to handle some of the physical nuances that come with college basketball. #PhenomHalloweenHavoc'