The amount of talent playing in front of college coaches this weekend in Rock Hill was crazy. Everywhere you looked, you had players earning the attention of programs and making a name for themselves. But here are just a few names that really captured my eyes personally and stood above the rest throughout the weekend.

2022 Luke Lentz (BMaze Biven)
2022 Trey Ramsey (Carolina Riptide)
2022 Cole Sinclair (Durham Hurricanes)
2022 Lebron Thomas (FIBA)
2022 Takai Simpkins (Garner Road)
2022 Tajuan Simpkins (Garner Road)
2022 Treyvon Byrd (NLPB204)
2022 Ezekiel Cannedy (Team HOPE)
2022 Nate Brafford (Team Swish)
2022 Julian Phillips (Upward Stars 3SSB)
2022 Jaden Lingo (TSF)
2022 Joyful Hawkins (North Florida Elite)
2022 AJ Cook (CC Elite)

2023 Treymane Parker (Big Shots Elite NC Lewis)
2023 Jameen Moore (Charlotte Wolves)
2023 Cam Oates (Garner Road)
2023 Jah Short (Garner Road)
2023 Maki Johnson (Wildcats Select)
2023 John Baldwin (Garner Road)

2024 Jamal Brown (1-of-1 Elite)
2024 Paul McNeil (Garner Road)
2024 Griffin Cooper (Team Mookie)
2024 Kyle Greene (Upward Stars 3SSB 15u)
2024 Dellquan Warren (Wildcat Select)
2024 Rakease Passmore (NLPB)

2025 Eli Ellis (Big Shots NC 2022)
2025 Jonah Lawrence (Team EAT)
2025 Isaiah Henry (Team EAT)
2025 Zaelyn White (Garner Road)