2021 6'7 Ben Burnham (Carmel Christian): Coming off a hand injury, Burnham is starting to get back in rhythm with his game. He played light on his feet, showed off his athleticism and bounce, and his ability to make an impact scoring-wise inside and out. Impressive showing while still working with his injury.

2021 6'5 TJ Sanders (Marion): Call him a bull on the floor because this young man will run over opponents but still finish incredibly through contact.  With his physical strength and aggressive mentality, he plowed his way around the paint and really moved well up and down the floor.

2020 Devante Johnson (Lugoff Elgin): Talk about a player stepping up in the bright lights, Johnson secured the win with a big game-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer. But Johnson, coming in as a known scorer, showed why with tremendous ability to rise over defenders, score in all ways on the court, and be ball-handler and leader for his team.

2023 5'10 Orlando Hudson (Darlington): Yet another freshman that stood out, Hudson was incredibly aggressive and showed maturity on the floor; impressive being only a young prospect and still developing. He scored the ball incredibly well throughout and showed that he is a competitor. Lock him in as a player to start tracking.

2020 Quentin Hodge (Lakewood): Hodge showed why he is one of the top talents for his class in South Carolina. Has a complete game that helps him make plays in all areas of the court. At times, he has a little throwback feel but he stays aggressive, has tremendous size, and can score the ball in multiple ways. Hodge put it on the floor and attacked, finishing with a smooth feel, as well as stepping out.

2020 6'1 Lawrence Frost (Combine Academy): Frost's ability to impact the game on both ends was on display in Combine's win. Of course, he brings tremendous defensive ability to the floor, as the strong guard loves to compete and bring energy on defense. He can lock up any guard and create his offense from defense. Today though, he also showed a smooth aggressive nature at getting to the rim and finishing, knocking down 12 points in the victory. To say that he got it done on both ends doesn't fully justify his impact on the court.