Phenom’s All American Camp was a great platform for prospects to start their recruiting resume. Every camper who participated will receive 5 full games, archived on Baller Tv. They got a professional scouting report done by a scout and they also will get a Youtube Mixtape from their performance. This is a recruiting starters kit to jumpstart what you need and send out to all the schools and coaches who fit each player’s appropriate level. Not only is no one else doing anything like this, for the kids, we also had numerous college coaches either working the camp or in attendance recruiting at the camp. In this age of “exposure” here is a camp that provides real, tangible exposure directly to college coaches.

With over 100 prospects in attendance, they all knew coaches were watching, in one way or another they were playing for scholarships and recruitment. So the competition level was off the charts. The players really came out, and for a few hours of skills and drills (over the 2 day period) and 5 games played, they left it all on the floor.

Of course, in this setting, you have known players show up, guys who scouts and coaches already know and they already carry multiple Division 1 offers, guys like Josh Hall, Ricky Council IV, and Kahari Rodgers, among others. However, the genesis of this article is for the ones who do not have the offers but really took advantage of this platform to enhance their stock.

6’3” 2021 Umar Lawson (Laurence Manning Academy – SC)

Lawson was a one-man highlight reel, hanging out both days, above the rim, so that is what caught your attention. However, it was his ball-handling/footwork as well as his defensive intensity that kept you there watching. He was as productive as anyone in the camp. He could have won any of the 5 awards but landed on Mr. Defense, where he is able to defend the 1-3 spots. He is long, explosive and can create offense as well. All the sure-fire signs of a D1 prospect.

6’3” 2020 Ty Hurst (Carter HS – TN)

Hurst is a bonafide shooter, and scorer. In this setting, he was forced to play a lot on the ball, which showcased his ability to set up and create for others. However, when he was able to get things going, there was no one like him in the entire camp when it comes to putting the ball in the basket. He has the ability to get hot quickly, and burn down some buckets, both with deep range and in attacking closeouts. He showed here he is able to act as a secondary ball-handler, but make no mistake, his scoring ability is what will get him his scholarships.

7’ 2020 Jonas Aidoo (Voyager Academy – NC)

Aidoo is a high level, if not an elite shot blocker. He has great length, very fluid movements, and natural timing. He showcased a myriad of blocks here coming off the straight-up, weak side or chase down variety, but make no mistake he is one of the best (if not the best) rim protectors in North Carolina. Add on to that and Aidoo is very skilled. He is a grab-and-go candidate turning defense quickly into offense in pushing the ball up the floor and making a read. He is also a dead-eye 3-point shooter. We have said it before, but he is one of those unique five men who will be a 40% 3-point shooter and block 2 shots per game at the next level. Aidoo is only 16 so prep school is in play here, if he does that his stock will blow past all the low and mid-majors here in this region who should be trying to get him now.

6’2” 2020 Jay Hickman (Northwood Temple – NC)

Hickman is as deft a shooter as there is in North Carolina and should be spoken about in every conversation had about “best shooter” in the Hoop State. He has very long arms, which pair with his quick release and soft, repeatable release. Hickman showcased a solid handle from the wing, even blowing by his man a few times on sloppy closeouts. He’s a top-shelf shooter with a very projectable frame/body. So much to like here for those scholarships to start coming.

6’5” 2020 Kam Edwards (Liberty Heights – NC)

Edwards just always seems to find a way. He is always around the ball and always finds a way to get the ball in the basket. He is a solid spot shooter and has good instincts when releasing from defense to offense. Edwards has a great frame, with sturdiness and length and this was as confident as we have seen him handling the ball. There is a lot to like here as each time out he seems to produce buckets. It will be interesting to see where his recruitment goes from here as there are a ton of low to mid-majors looking closely.