2024 Stephen Quinn (Team Charlotte):

Quinn is a known name around the Phenom Hoops landscape in what he provides.  He can be a deadly weapon when shots are falling, as he is one of the best shooters in the state and has an unlimited range.  We always say, once he passes over half-court, Quinn looks to be in range. He does a great job in getting to his spot and creating his shot, as he doesn’t need much space to let it fly. And when he is hitting from deep, he can fill it up in a big way.

2024 Joe Rhyne (Team Charlotte):

Another shooter on the team this weekend for Team Charlotte, 2024 Joe Rhyne continues to show that he is a high IQ guard that plays well within the offense but does a great job in finding the open spot on the floor and letting it fly from deep.  Rhyne has shown that he has added more to his game, but he is a confident shooter from deep and can be a great weapon on the floor.

2026 Beckett Coon (Strong Center):

Coon is a young guard but certainly isn’t one afraid of playing on the big stage.  Game after game, he was filling it up on the floor as he can be a dynamic guard.  But one thing for sure is that he knows how to get his shot off and he has range in his game.  In one game alone, he hit nine 3-pointers on his way to 36 points; but all throughout, the young guard was knocking down shots from deep.  He is one that should start earning more attention his way in the coming years.

2025 Jake Benham (Mint Hill Lakers):

Benham has been playing extremely consistent all summer long for the Mint Hill Lakers, and I’m honestly excited to see what he can continue to do this summer and this upcoming high school season; it looks like he has a chance to really make a name for himself.  Benham moves really well without the ball, picking and popping out, finding and creating space for his shot, and has a quick release and a ton of confidence from behind the arc. 

2024 Logan Cassell (NLPB Team Select):

A young man that some may not know of but he has had a very good summer so far, Cassell has proven that he can be a weapon from outside.  So far, Cassell is shooting over 60 percent from the floor and each game he is on the court, he is one that can open up the offense with his shooting capabilities. He is one that has gone under the radar but he deserves more attention with how confident he has been shooting the ball.