Covenant Day

2025 Chris Rivens

Skilled, well-rounded guard prospect with great size and shooting. Capable playmaker and defender. Works well within the flow of the offense, but can also expand his production as needed. Able to heat up quickly.

2024 Elijah Green

Heady two-way point guard with a reliable defensive presence and playmaking sense. Does a great job of controlling the offensive action, making smart decisions, and outworking his assignment on both ends of the floor. 

2025 Tyree White

Steady two-way point guard. Consistently touches the paint, hits jumpers, and sets up others. Very unselfish and looks to make the right play. Solid defender at the point of attack. Great in transition but more than comfortable at controlling the action in the half-court. 

2024 Patrick Penosky

Sturdy wing. Reliable shooter with an active motor and understanding of how to fill in the gaps on both ends of the floor. Capable of heating up from beyond the arc. Moves well without the ball but can also create his own shot if needed. 

Davie County

2024 Coleman Lawhon

Tough, smart, well-rounded guard with the ability to consistently affect all facets of the game. Plays within himself and the team structure but understands how to control an offense, create for others, and apply efficient scoring pressure from all levels. Active defender and willing rebounder. 

2025 Jackson Powers

Blue-collar big man with a high motor and excellent inside-out presence. Continues to refine his body and get steadily more athletic. Great screener, roller, and floor-spacing option. Shoots the ball at a really high clip for his size/position. Rebounds at a high rate on both ends of the floor. Plays hard at all times. 

Gaston Christian

2026 Cameron Newman

Highly skilled and intelligent floor general. Very advanced feel and overall skillset for his age. Great playmaker, crafty ball-handler, and polished scorer from all levels. Defends well at the point of attack. One of the top 2026 players in North Carolina. 

2024 Makoi Mabor Marier

Long, athletic rim-runner with elite size. Possesses an active interior presence on both ends of the floor. Doesn’t need touches to be impactful. Great rebounder and shot-blocker with solid fluidity for his size. Lurks well for lobs, putbacks, and finishing opportunities. Full of upside.

2024 Joe Rhyne

One of the top shooters in North Carolina, regardless of class. Possesses deep range, excellent mechanics, and great consistency from beyond the arc. Great passer and off-ball cutter. Plays well within the team structure and works hard defensively.

Greensboro Day

2025 Addison Newkirk

Very smart, well-rounded forward with an unbelievable understanding for how to always make the right play and be in the right spot. Naturally affects all facets of the game but doesn’t need a ton of touches to make an impact. Quality shooter, passer, defender, and rebounder. Among the more underrated players in the state. 

2024 Will Otto

Skilled guard with the ability to run an offense or play without the ball in his hands. Shoots the ball well from midrange and beyond the arc. Capable playmaker. Provides great effort as a defender and rebounder. 


2026 Rivers Knight

Blossoming big man that seems to progress with each viewing. Tracking as an extremely high-level player with his blend of touch, timing, and perimeter shooting (especially at his size). Makes smart decisions, handles the ball really well for a big, and can destroy opponents in a variety of different ways. Excellent rebounder and shot-blocker. Clearly among the top players in 2026. 

2024 Javier Ortiz

Tough glue-guy with length, athleticism, and a high motor. Naturally impact all facets of the game. Gritty defender, willing hustle player, and fills in the gaps well on offense. Finishes well around the basket but can also create off the bounce or knock down jumpers. 

2025 Derek Ross Jr.

Electric point guard with IQ and phenomenal balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Lightning-quick and able to get wherever he wants off the bounce. Terrific passer, pull-up shooter, and threat from beyond the arc. Pesky defender at the point of attack. Among the top floor generals in his class.

2025 Drew Johnson

Smooth, heady point guard with a quick first step and natural instinct for making the right play. Polished scorer and playmaker who does a great job of breaking down defenses/opposing guards, touching the paint, and making the correct decision. Great defender. Applies great pressure in the open floor.