NW Guilford

2025 Conner Nix

Sturdy, strong-bodied post with touch and solid perimeter shooting ability. Steadily progressing. Plays hard, battles on the glass, and makes his presence felt defensively. Has the potential to be a double-double guy for this group. 

The Burlington School

2025 Kaden Hammond

Strong, skilled post with IQ and athleticism. Extremely steady and reliable. Displays touch, footwork, and quality shooting prowess. Utilizes his body really well to secure position and outwork opponents on the glass. Can play inside-out while controlling the glass and causing problems for opponents on defense. 

2027 King Gibson

Tracking as one of the top 2027 prospects in North Carolina. Possesses the full package of IQ, size, skill, and athleticism. Plays with toughness, energy, and leadership. Understands how to produce within a role but is already capable of dominating a game. 

2024 Ty Outlaw

Strong, physically overwhelming post prospect. Great athlete with a sturdy frame and great mobility. Rebounds well and alters shots on a consistent basis. Anchors the paint on both ends of the floor, but can knock down the occasional jumper along the perimeter. 

2025 Cam Flippen

Strong, well-rounded guard with a quality blend of IQ, toughness, and overall polish. Scores from all levels, creates effectively for himself and others, and makes his presence felt defensively. Rebounds well for his size/position.

West Stokes

2024 Cam Edmonds

Extremely polished scorer and overall offensive player. Consistently gets whatever looks he wants and converts. Actively mixes it up from all three levels and possesses a healthy variety of scoring moves. Whether off the catch, bounce, movement, or at the rim, he’s a reliable option. Capable passer and useful athlete. 

Winston-Salem Prep

2024 Armaan Benitz

Long, wiry, athletic wing. Possesses a useful skillset with solid creation skills, scoring prowess, and two-way instincts. Capable of producing within a role but should be a focal point for this team. Due for a breakout season with a new group.