The David Rose MDC was a phenomenal event that had an array of talent for college coaches on all levels.  But there were a few players that should start garnering more attention down the road from college coaches and we wouldn’t be surprised if offers start coming their way.

Here are a few names that impressed.

2021 6’1 Bailey Wiseman (TMP 16u)

Wiseman is a unique lead guard and you may not always pick him out of a lineup.  However, he lets his game speak for himself.  Standing on the baseline though, it is clear that this young guard has that “IT” factor that players don’t always have.  With the ball in his hands, he can be deadly in so many ways.  Bailey showcases a tremendous handle pushing the ball and running the offense, using a quick-twitch change of pace that gets his opponents off balance.  He also showcases a tremendous understanding of setting up his teammates, finding them in the right position for an easy score.  Lastly, you can’t get past his ability to score the ball, especially with his quick shooting stroke and mid-range game.  He should have more programs coming his way sooner rather than later, as College of Charleston and The Citadel have expressed interest, along with a few others.

2020 6’7 Bernard Pelote (Team United)

Pelote is an intriguing prospect due to his ability, skillset, and size.  The 6’7 wing can do a little bit of everything.  He showcased the ability to play multiple positions and have an impact offensively in so many areas.  He plays with great athleticism, running the floor, finding his spots, and either attacking the rim or hitting the open jumper, as far as the three-point line.  Pelote also brings energy and length to the floor, which should immediately catch the eyes of D1 coaches.

2021 6’2 Javonte Waverly (Royal Knights)

It is so hard to watch this young guard and not be amazed at his ability on the floor.  Waverly is a strong guard that scores in so many ways; he is simply wired to score when he wants to, attacking the line or pulling up as far as the three-point line with ease.  However, he has been showing that all year long, leading Henderson Collegiate this season in scoring as a sophomore at 16.6ppg.  But what truly amazes scouts about his game is his ability to create and his vision. Whether it is pushing the ball and making the deep pass in transition or if it is breaking down an opponent to get to the rim and laying it off, Waverly can do it all and should have coaches looking his way.

2019 6’4 Miles Ray (Fayetteville Flash)

Ray is doing a year of JUCO but this is a prospect that coaches need to have tabs on.  He is a physically strong and explosive guard.  He plays at his own pace and with a smoothness to his game.  Ray scored inside and out, knocking down quite a few three’s but also initiating the offense.  He also had an impact on the defensive side as well.  Ray is a tough prospect and should be one that coaches have their eyes on down the road.

2020 6’8 Alex Holt (Team Phoenix)

Holt is a name that people should get familiar with.  He is a wide body big that understands his game and his ability.  Holt continued to show time after time that he can be a big-time rebounder, as he has soft and active hands around the rim.  He also moves pretty well in the paint for his size and finishes strong.  After a successful season at Lexington in which he averaged 13 points and nearly 14 rebounds per game, one can see his confidence is growing and Holt is using that for a big summer.  He already holds an offer from Morehead State but we wouldn’t be surprised if more started to role his way.

2020 6’11 Jonas Aidoo (NC Red Storm)

Do you want size? Aidoo can be your guy, standing at 6’11 already and still is a young prospect.  He has a lot of upside and intrigue when he steps on the floor, as he already brings rim protection when he steps on the floor.  But that doesn’t provide all the details about his game.  He has good hands, is active in the paint, blocks shots, and what really attracts you is his ability to stretch the floor with his offensive shot.  He has a smooth arching, confident release to his game that allows him to step inside and out and with him being 6’11, there aren’t to many that will bother his shot.