PLAYER: Johquin Wiley

Class: 2017

HT: 5'10, 150 pounds

High School: LC Bird High School, Richmond VA

HS Statistics:11.5ppg, 6apg, 2.5spg, 2.3rpg

Highlight video:

Recruiting: Offers from James Madison, Longwood…Interest from ODU, East Carolina, VCU, Murray State, Nebraska-Omaha, Robert Morris.

AAU Team: River City Reign
High School Coach eval: First and foremost Pinky is an outstanding young man on and off of the court. He has an infectious personality and is a natural born leader. I call him the “pied piper” because everyone follows him. He is one of the smartest players I have had the fortune of coaching. You can tell him something one time and he’s got it. I think his intelligence works against him sometimes to evaluators because he is always under control. This at times makes him look un-athletic, but people who know basketball realize he is an outstanding ball player and a joy to coach. – Coach Troy Manns, Head Coach LC Bird HS

Coach Mario Haskett, Sr: As a father figure in his life I want Pinky to know that he is doing the right things the right way although they do sometimes go unrecognized. The point guard spot is a lost art and we as coaches tend to roll the ball out into our best athletes' hands without teaching them how to play the position. Pinky has a God given ability that few guards at the high school level have; the ability to make everyone around you better, create offense for teammates and run your system. Coach Manns has really coached his team to the point that he teaches them that lost art. It's great to see that Pinky has accepted that point guards often get no credit when the team wins but often are criticized for losses. I just think it's unfair that we ask this kid to play the game the right way and he not be recognized for his true understanding of how to play. Myself, Coach Manns and Coach Chris Herron have stressed the fundamentals of basketball and the discipline to execute them consistently. I want coaches to know when you get a kid like Pinky, it's not a gamble. He wins you basketball games!

From Phenom Hoop Report VA Top 80:

5'10' 2017 Johquin Wiley – LC Bird (Richmond)
Not only did Wiley impress with his attitude, but he also impressed with his ability to make positive plays happen. He is a quick and sturdy point guard, who defends the ball and attacks the rim. Wiley's Camp Coach Craig Dawson stated, 'Johquin is a crafty and heady point guard. He knows how to run a team.' While we love his competitive edge, as Wiley continues to improve we would like to see him continue to develop his jump shot more.

From Phenom Hoop Report Co-owner and National Scout Jamie Shaw: 'I love Pinky, he's a quality kid. Makes everyone better…exudes toughness'.

Coach Frank says: 'Pinky' is a complete a point guard as you will see in Virginia. While he can shoot it with better than average consistency with range and score at all three levels, his most impressive skill is his IQ. A throw back point guard, Wiley controls the game, gets teammates involved and is an excellent passer. Pinky has that rare ability where he knows how to deliver the pass to his scorers where they can be effective and hit them where they can get into their shot quickly without wasted movement. He also hits cutters when they're open. Wiley has a tight handle and uses his dribble wisely, not one to over dribble. Wiley is crafty and quick while attacking the basket and is a strong finisher playing through contact. He is just as likely to pull up into a quick mid range jumper at which he hits with very good consistency. As good an on ball defender as you will see, Wiley has excellent defensive mechanics, quick feet and busy hands. He can combine physicality and toughness with quickness and harasses the offensive player with his active, high motor pressure. Another skill not often appreciated is his court presence and leadership. He does not turn the ball over and is poised against defensive pressure. He communicates on both ends and provides a reassuring presence. While a throwback player in that he is an unselfish and solid facilitator, Wiley is extremely athletic and can score in bunches if needed.


Let's meet LC Bird PG Johquin Wiley:

Q: The obvious first question, how did you come by the name 'Pinky''

A: When I was born my mother and grandma said I was really pinkish so they started to call me pink boy. I think it’s also pretty cool that now I’m 17 years old and this “nickname” is still sticking with me.

Q: Many people describe you as a 'throwback' point guard and a skilled facilitator. Those who watch you closely know you're a guy who can carry a team as a dynamic scorer as well. Tell us about what you see the role of a point guard to be, specifically as it pertains to a talented team like LC Bird'

A: My role at Bird is to be a point guard period! What I mean by that is: Run my team, get everyone involved and defend. Every time I step foot on any court I know what to do, you can put me on the floor with 4 other strangers and I can guarantee that we’ll have a awesome bond to make us all look good on the court. To be a true point guard you have to see things before they happen. You have to take sacrifices for the team, you have to be a leader and you have be willing to take a back seat to the scoring role.

Q: You are surrounded by successful basketball influences in Coach Troy Manns who played basketball at Virginia Tech and spent time coaching at Radford University, and Mario Haskett, Sr. who also turned a successful playing career into a successful coaching stint at the college level. Tell us about their influence on you as a player and a person.

A: Each of these guys has a big and great influence on my life. I learn constantly day by day from these guys. Coach Mann’s and I have a great bond together on and off the court. He’s still teaching me this point guard role every day. I highly respect him for what he does for me at Bird. Big Mario is also coaching me from the stands. No matter how crowded the game can get you’ll hear his voice. He’s a great person and probably has the biggest influence on my life because of his attitude and love for me. Anything he tells me about school, basketball and life I take that into highly consideration. I know for sure what he says isn’t a lie or he just saying that because of our relationship. His famous saying “I’m going to tell you want you need to hear not what you want to hear”. That all means I’m telling you the truth and only the truth.

Coach Herron is also a factor in my life; he’s like my little big brother. He’s always pumped up for the games like he’s about to play with us. He’s hands down my number one supporter. I can honestly say that there’s no other like these three men.

Q: You are very close to your backcourt mate, highly recruited Mario Haskett, Jr. Can you tell us about that relationship and how you help one another on the court. Many would contend you guys form the best backcourt in Virginia!

A: Mario is a great ball player and I’m not just saying this because I know him. He will defend the opens best player and he can really score that ball. I believe he is under rated because he can do anything you need him to. He also runs the point guard position and still can be that deadly shooter and scorer that you need. Our bond is unbreakable, when were old and gray I know for a fact he’ll still be my brother. Funny thing about Mario and I is we have the same birthday September 9.

I’ve known him since fourth grade when I first moved here from Linden, New Jersey and from that day on I knew Mario was the one to keep close to me because were on the same mission.


Quick hitters with Johquin 'Pinky' Wiley:

Q: Who is your favorite college or NBA player and why'

A: Lebron James because I like the way he runs his team and accepts the role of being the coach on the floor.

Q: Is there a college or NBA player you watch and try to mold your game after'

A: I like to watch Jamal Crawford. He has the ball on a string literally and I like how he accepts coming off the bench and still giving a spark when he’s subbed in.

Q: What is your favorite movie or TV show'

A: Martin is my favorite TV show

Q: If you had an opportunity to have dinner with anyone, who would it be and what would be the topic of conversation'

A: Lebron James and the conversation will probably be about basketball and his life lessons.

Q: Do you have a pregame ritual'

A: Listen to Meek Mill 'Dreams and Nightmares'

Q: What would be your best piece of advice to young kids who want to become a point guard'

A: My advice to any young kids is to be the best you can be at what you do. If you're a good passer take passing to the extreme. Most importantly be a leader and maintain a bond with all your teammates. You have to know personalities; you have to know your players 'sweet spots'. If you can get your teammates' the ball in a spot where you know they can score that’s your assist. You have to make everyone around you look good even your coach. Just play the position right, don’t try to be anything other than the point guard. Think ahead of the other players, know time and score. Meaning know who to play through and when needed, who to go to. That all comes along with relationship with players and good bonds.