Burt has been a name that people have talked about around the region for a year or so now. Last year he played JV at loaded up Garner Magnet High School (Garner, NC) team where he earned his chops learning how to be 'the man'.

This year he has transferred to powerhouse Word of God High School where he reclassified to the 2020 class. He has grown a couple of inches standing at a very lengthy 6'7' and it looks like he may have an inch or two more to go.

Throughout the years, Burt has performed at a high level at Phenom Hoops events. After watching him play in April's Queen City Showcase we wrote,''Burt was able to get whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.''After watching him play in one of our events in 2016 our Rick Lewis wrote,''6'5' Todd Burt is a promising freshman.'

Well, Burt is now ready to take the next step. As we wrote after watching him last week it appears he is in a situation that is primed for him to take off. He is playing a role on a team that has top talent and plays against top competition. We said,''6'7' Todd Burt of Word of God (Raleigh, NC) is one to start tracking now. The long wing has all of the tools and now is getting the big game experience.'

After his stellar performance in June's Phenom's Summer Jam Live Session 1 Burt turned heads in a major way. He was one of the breakout performers of the event, and clearly someone who should start to turn the heads of high major programs,''Burt played on Garner's JV team last year. A transfer (and reclass) to Word of God and Burt is now becoming a high level prospect. Standing around 6'7' now, Burt has incredibly long arms and a wing's skill set. He led the team in scoring in their final game, dropping 17 points on two made 3s. The stroke looks good and his ability to put it on the floor for 1 and 2 dribbles is efficient. This recruiting could take on a high level feel very soon, the upside is easily apparent.'

Burt has great length and ball skills, and it is clear projectability moving forward. Currently with his size, length and ball skills all he needs is strength. However, his ball skills will continue to tighten, he may grow another inch or two and that strength will come. Watch out, he has three more years of high school left ' we are eager to see where that goes.

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