Imajae Dodd is 6'8', Imajae Dodd is explosive, Imajae Dodd plays with Stackhouse Elite on the Adidas Circuit. So how have so many people still not heard of, let alone seen, Imajae Dodd' Well he is tucked away in tiny Snow Hill, North Carolina at Greene Central High School.

Snow Hill is in Greene County, in the eastern part of North Carolina, considered part of the Greenville Metropolitan Area. The 2010 census said Snow Hill had a population of only 1,595 people. Greene Central High School is a 2A public school with a student population of 815. The school does have a basketball past however, as 10 year NBA player Blue Edwards went to school here.

College coaches from around the region, and possibly the country, will learn the way over to Greene Central High School because of sophomore Imajae Dodd. At every stop Dodd game turns all on-lookers heads.

For starters Dodd stands a sturdy and lengthy 6'8', you immediately notice him when he walks onto the floor. Once the game is tipped, he shows off a great skill set. He has an incredibly set of hands that seemingly catch everything. He has a lot of bounce that has him finishing above the rim, both in transition and in traffic. Dodd is a strong rebounder in his area and an active rebounder out of his area and he has great timing for blocked shots and deflections.

Dodd has great touch, he shoots free throws at a high clip and can step out and knock down consistent jump shot when his feet are set. While Dodd has all the flashy aspects to his game, what sticks out the most about Dodd is his feel on the block. He posts wide with a great base. His footwork is pristine and his patience and pace is like that of a seasoned veteran.

After his freshman season, Dodd was chosen to participate in the prestigious North Carolina Top 80 event. After his performance against the best players the state has we wrote, 'Talk about a physical mature athletic and gifted young prospect! We absolutely love the work ethic and upside on the freshman. Coach Gary stated it best, 'Imajae is a brick wall in the paint. He has strong hands and is an excellent two handed rebounder. He runs the floor extremely well and is not afraid to take it strong to the basket. Imajae has a great attitude and is a sponge when it comes to instruction.' In addition, Imajae combines strength and quickness and will only continue to get better and see his stock rise. All the ingredients are there for Imajae to be a big time player at the next level.'

Current Dodd carries offers from Charlotte, Coastal Carolina, Tulane, and Old Dominion. With his production, mixed with his upside there will be many more to come. Dodd is 6th ranked player in North Carolina's absolutely loaded 2019 class.