After watching Forest Hill High School take on West Stanly High School, we saw that Nas Tyson was the best player on the floor. When relaying our thoughts on the game, back to home base we were asked to describe how Nas Tyson plays. That caught us at a loss for words.

We were at a loss not because he is so different, but more so because he is so productive. On both ends of the floor. We searched for the words, but as we did, we kept going back to our post-game interview with him where he said, it was all about Heart and Passion'After the game ended, we asked Nas Tyson how he would describe his game, and without hesitation he point blank said, 'Whatever it takes, I just go out and play with heart and passion.'

There is no better way to describe the 6'2' sophomore from Marshville, North Carolina. He plays both ends of the floor with a purpose, and that purpose is to win. Tyson loves watching Kyrie play and wants to take away as many of his attributes as he can. He also mentions that he likes Kyrie for a reason that many times goes unnoticed by high school prospects,''I like Kyrie, I am watching him closely looking at his footwork. That is an area I am paying the most attention to is my footwork.'

Tyson's talent is apparent when watch Forest Hills play, after his performance in Phenom's Feast of Champions we wrote,''Forest Hills is a really good team, and Tyson may be the best prospect on the team. He has great length and is a very active defender and showed the ability to score at all 3 levels. Tyson’s team should win a lot of games this year, he will be right in the middle of that. WIth a Hampton offer in hand, colleges should watch closely here.'

Right now Tyson carries an early offer from Hampton and his having regular contact with UNC Charlotte. More will come, this one is too good of a 2-way player.