Player: Kenari Jones

Class: 2020

HT: 5'11, 150 pounds

High School: Life Christian Academy, Chester VA

Statistics: 14.3 ppg, 5.6 rpg, 4.5 apg, 3.2 spg

Athletic Achievements: Earned VISAA Division III All Conference Honors

High School Coach Evaluation: Kenari really came on strong this year. Worked hard on his outside shooting in the off-season and it paid off. 'He now is a dual threat player he and earned 2nd team all-state. 'Kenari is a playmaker! He can score, create scoring opportunities for his teammates, and play lock down defense.' Maybe the most impressive is his ability at 5'11 to rebound at both ends of the floor.' He is a tenacious rebounder, which is something he just does; he has a nose for the basketball and values possessions. He is one the most competitive young men I have ever coached. He hates to lose and is a very unselfish player. 'Kenari gets it done on and off the court and because of that several colleges are already taking notice.'' Coach Toby Campbell, Life Christian Academy'

Coach Frank says: Kenari's high motor play and cat-like quickness immediately impressed me.' He plays with enthusiasm and constant high-energy effort on both ends of the floor and is relentless in both attacking the defense and defending the opposing ball handler.' Kenari is an excellent floor general, aggressive yet under control and solid in his decision-making.' He can get the ball to the open man either snapping off a length of the floor pass or using his dribble and accelerating into the lane, drawing help and kicking out to a teammate for an open shot or hitting a cutter around the rim.' He has great vision and is an elite passer.' Kenari has a more than respectable jumper but does a great job using the ball fake after a catch and blowing by his defender or using the jab step and changing direction.' Once he gets you off balance, it is over!' He has explosive acceleration and eats up space in a hurry.' Kenari has a knack at 5'11 for finishing in the lane using the floater or slicing his way past defenders and getting to the basket.' He is an excellent rebounder for a guard!' He is always active, reads the ball off the rim, and beats opponents to the ball.' If he is guarding you, you are in for a long game.' Kenari really straps up and uses his quick feet and busy hands to hound the dribbler and invade his space.' He competes as hard as anybody around and influences the game in so many ways.' He is a coach's dream!' College coaches are already taking note and his recruiting should blow up next season!