Player: Azaiyah Roberts

Class: 2020

HT: 6'4, 210 pounds

High School: Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach VA

Athletic Achievements: Earned All Atlantic Conference 9 honors as a freshman'Azaiyah is also a quarterback on the Princess Anne HS football team.

AAU Team: Boo Williams – Pope


AAU Coach Evaluation:'Zai is a just 'an athlete'!' Last year as an 8th grader, he excelled at football, basketball, and wrestling.' The Big Fella had a great freshmen season on the court as well as the football field.' Zai is extremely strong and has an amazing motor for his size.' He runs the floor with guard like speed.' Zai is a rebounding machine who is very capable of averaging a double/double the remainder of his high school career.' He can finish with either hand, has a decent mid-range, and is capable of knocking down an occasional 3-pointer. Once is ball handling skills increases, he's going to be very special on the court. If Zai continues to work hard, he will have multiple D1 offers in both basketball and football!'' Coach James Pope, Head Coach Boo Williams – Pope

Coach Frank says: Azaiyah is a strong and active power forward and uses his strength and solid frame to establish position around the basket.' He reads the ball well coming off the rim and is quick to spots, also elevates quickly to the basketball and is a high volume rebounder.' He shrugs off contact and finishes, seals his defender well to get position to receive the basketball and he has strong hands.' Once he gets his hands on the basketball it's his!' In addition to being a solid finisher around the basket, Azaiyah can hit the middle jumper as more of a face up post and navigates the blocks well and gets open.' Also has to be respected beyond the three point arc!' He can score the straight line drive and is a smart decision maker with the ball, a capable passer.' He was a double/double guy in his first high school varsity season complimenting great athleticism, strength and quickness with hardnosed, assertive effort and good skills.' He never gets outworked! Has a great motor and relentlessly pursues rebounds on both ends.' He's only a freshman and at 6'4, 210 pounds and growing, will be a solid paint presence and an impact player for the balance of his high school career.' He competes as hard as anyone and is a multi-sport athlete.' He should attract attention from college coaches at all levels as he gets more exposure.

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