Player: Jordan Battle

Class: 2020

HT: 6'2,' 165 pounds

High School: Norfolk Collegiate School, Norfolk VA

AAU Club Name: Team Loaded 757

Basketball Achievements: Earned All TCIS honors


High School Coach Evaluation: Jordan can play either guard position and even had to play the forward position sometimes this year for us due to how small we were. This shows how versatile Jordan is playing multiple positions very well. Arguably our best player on the team this year he was our go to guy when we needed a bucket and was the most consistent player offensively all season as he averaged 15.58 PPG.' He can bring the ball up the court very well pushing it in transition or slowing it down to get into one of our sets as he averaged 4 APG. If he is not handling it, he cuts and keeps defenders aware of him off ball. The biggest thing he needs to work on at this point is his decision making and that will come with time. His youth shows at times but that comes with being a freshman playing against juniors and seniors. Defensively he is a great rebounder (6 RPG) grabbing the ball at the rim. He still has room to grow on 1v1 defense and off ball defense but he is so athletic he just needs to work on his fundamentals and technique defensively.' Even though he is a freshman, there are no confidence issues with Jordan as he loves to compete with the best and it brings the best out of him. This is Jordan’s first year at Norfolk Collegiate and he has adjusted very well. He represents Norfolk Collegiate the right way and takes pride in the school. He was on the Honor Roll for the second quarter and made 2nd Team All Conference for TCIS. Jordan is also trying out for a new sport he has never played before this Spring, Lacrosse. I am really excited about this because I also coach lacrosse for Norfolk Collegiate and he will be able to help us out because he is so athletic.'' Coach Bobby Merriman, Asst Basketball Coach – Norfolk Collegiate

Coach Frank says: Jordan is a strong and powerful guard yet is quick and shifty, has elite athleticism!'' He is assertive attacking the basket and is able to brush off contact and score.' He can get to the rim and finish or pull up and hit the middle jumper.' He's really tough to defend because he is a strong and physically imposing point guard who can overpower many defenders but can also use his quickness to get to the rim.' Jordan is an excellent passer and makes good decisions with the basketball, plays either guard position effectively.' Defensively he has excellent footwork and plays with a great motor.' He is a very good rebounding guard and plays with confidence and a composure well beyond his freshman years.' He is physically dominating, has excellent bounce and is fundamentally advanced.' His upside is tremendous!