Player: Izeah Parker


Class: 2019

HT: 6'7, 165 pounds/ 6'10 wingspan!

High School: Hopewell High School, Hopewell VA

Academic Achievements: Honor Roll Student

High School Coach Evaluation: Izeah is a lengthy, athletic, versatile four.' He can put the ball on the floor well enough to initiate the break and uses his dribble well to get to his spots.' He has excellent low and mid post moves and is good mid-range shooter. 'Izeah's IQ has improved tremendously but he needs to get physically stronger.' We anticipate Izeah being one of our core players and in some instances a go to guy.'' Coach Elvin Edmonds, Head Basketball Coach Hopewell High School

AAU Coach Evaluation: Izeah is a great kid with an outstanding attitude and work ethic. This young man is constantly asking what he can improve on. 'With him being 6’7-6’8, his size will not be a problem with him being recruited. Izeah is one of the youngest on our Team Loaded 16u team and finishes with the best of them. As he gets stronger, his game will soar to new heights. 'His mid-range game is impressive will all of the other things this young man does well. 'It has been a pleasure coaching Izeah thus far and I look forward to a great summer with him.'' Coach Pervis Stevenson, Team Loaded 757 16U

Coach Frank says: Izeah is really an exciting talent.' Obviously, at 6'7 with a 6'10 wingspan he has great length.' He certainly plays big in that he blocks and changes shots, rebounds the basketball extremely well and also tips passes and uses his length to impact games.' He is very skilled and plays with great energy.' He has very good footwork and quickness and a high IQ; he has been well coached!' Izeah has sound shot mechanics and hits the jumper in the two-point area at a high percentage but is also a three-point threat.' He moves well without the ball and is very good on a catch and shoot with excellent range; uses the head and ball fake well and can put the ball on the floor and get to the basket or hit the pull up jumper. 'He also scores with his back to the basket. 'Izeah is a good passer both out of the post and on the drive and can rip the ball off the glass and lead the break.' He is capable of defending either forward or the center position and has very good defensive fundamentals.' His feet are quick and active; he has a great motor and runs the floor exceptionally well. 'He tips passes using his length and turns them into dunks! 'He is an excellent shot blocker and tries to keep the ball in play to a teammate.' Izeah is an active rebounder and is a very good repeat jumper, he battles! 'The sky is the limit for Izeah!' I've seen him in both game and practice settings and there is no questioning his work ethic and enthusiasm for competing.' Coaches at DI and DII level should make a point to see Izeah in action.

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