PLAYER: Javion Majette


Class: 2019

HT: 5'11, 160 pounds

High School: Norcom High School, Portsmouth VA

High School Coach Evaluation: Awesome well-mannered young man. Always very respectful which is very refreshing. A 10th grader that loves competition and who can score at will with both hands. He is always looking to get better each and every day. Very athletic, can dribble/drive with both hands, and can shoot the ball. Mostly efficient inside the three point line. Rebounds very well for his size and will go up against anyone without any hesitation. More of a point guard and facilitator than his twin brother and backcourt mate Jaquan. Understands the game and has a high basketball IQ. Upside is very high. – Coach Larry Thompson, Asst Coach – Norcom High School Basketball

AAU Club Name: Neptunes and Team 757

Personal: Javion is the twin brother of backcourt mate Jaquan Majette. He was born on March 23, 2001 just one minute before his brother. Javion is a two sport star in the Norcom basketball and football program starring at both wide receiver and linebacker in football and as the point guard in basketball. Javion is also a high academic student/athlete!

Coach Frank says: Javion is a very talented and skilled playmaker with great quickness and athleticism. He has excellent vision and understanding of the game and solid leadership qualities. He combines quickness and upper body strength and is a shifty basket attacking guard who can finish in traffic, unbothered by contact. Javion is a very good passer and for a high volume scorer is a willing passer who uses his dribble to help create scoring opportunities for teammates. He is a threat to hit the jumper at all levels but gets most of his shot opportunities around the rim or inside the two point area because of his ability to get where he needs to on the court. He is a harassing, high motor defender. Rebounds his position very well! Javion is one of the area's top guards in the 2019 class and has exciting upside.