Player: Jahdon Robinson

Class: 2018

HT: 6'5, 185 pounds

High School: LC Bird High School,' Richmond VA

Academic Achievements: Honor Roll student

AAU Coach Evaluation: Jay has a high motor, will play a stretch 4 for us but will continue to develop into true wing for next level.' He has a nice touch on the jumper and can score from the perimeter or drive to the basket and score.' He is a very good rebounder and defender.' He is a tough competitor who brings energy on both ends of the court.' Jay is a hard worker and is very coachable, he's a winner.''' Coach Joe Battle, Head Coach 17U Team Loaded 757

Coach Frank says: Jahdon is a big wing who combines strength and physicality with sound fundamentals and elite athleticism.' He can score from all levels but is most dangerous attacking the basket off the bounce where he can use his quickness and sound playmaking skills to slice his way to the rim or use his physical playmaking style and overpower most guards to drive and score.' 'Jay' can withstand contact and finish but will also deliver contact and overpower his defender to get where he needs to on the court.' He attacks the rim with purpose and can score the mid range jumper or finish above the rim!' He has a nice touch on the jumper and is a threat beyond the arc as well.' 'Jay has a good handle and takes care of the basketball, has a high IQ and makes sound decisions.' His physical attributes coupled with great athleticism and skill makes him a versatile threat offensively and a valuable defender in that he can guard multiple positions.' He has excellent footwork and defends with tenacity.' He defends his position and contains the dribble but can also bang inside where he is an excellent rebounder.' Jahdon is strong, bouncy and athletic and those physical attributes combined with his solid skills and versatility makes him a player capable of carrying a team for long stretches.' Look for a huge summer and senior year that should find DI and DII coaches inquiring.