Player: Anthony Williams

Class:'' 2018

HT: 6'4, 165 pounds

High School: EC Glass High School, Lynchburg VA

Basketball Achievements: Earned All Seminole District and All Conference 23 honors

AAU Club Name: Virginia Bullets


AAU Coach Evaluation: Anthony is a long, athletic wing that puts constant pressure on opposing defenses. At 6'4 Anthony gets extended minutes at the lead guard position during high school and AAU because he forces coaches to account for his quickness and ball-handling ability. 'Anthony's ability to read defenses makes him a play-making threat on any team. 'He currently leads the team in assists at 6 per game. 'His ability to rebound the ball, initiate, and finish fast-break opportunities is also a luxury at the guard position. 'However, this summer Anthony is beginning to show great improvement in his willingness and ability to score around the basket and beyond the 3-point line. 'As we head into the summer, look for Anthony to increasing his scoring proficiency while demonstrating the ability to guard positions 1 through 4 on defensive end.'' Coach Kory Lovitt, Head Coach Virginia Bullets AAU

Coach Frank says: Anthony is long, very athletic, quick and versatile.' He is a tough matchup for opponents because he couples good length with quickness and a solid handle and can beat opposing forwards off the bounce while also shooting over and being able to out muscle many guards.' Anthony can hit the jumper at a very good rate and with three point range.' He can also create off the bounce where he is a very good scorer but also a solid passer which allows him to create not only for himself but for teammates as well.' He is most dangerous off the dribble as a slasher type and a crafty finisher but can also hit the mid-range jumper or if uncontested beyond the arc will knock down the three pointer.' He is an active rebounder, strong and bouncy (37' vertical) and he can defend multiple positions.' Anthony should garner DII and DIII attention as he is off to a solid spring.' He has great value to a team because of his versatility, solid ball handling and shooting skill and high level athleticism.