Chase Owens

By: Heath Gulledge

2024 5’10 Jonathan Cherry (Rock United)

Cherry came into the game today making plays on offense as well as defense. He was constantly bringing energy to the court in multiple ways. The biggest standout about Cherry is the ability he has to get downhill and use his strong frame to move defenders while going up in the paint. On many occasions, Cherry was seen catching the ball on the wing and putting it on the floor for a one dribble pull-up. 

2024 6’4 Curtis Simpson (Hoop Dreams Training Academy)

Curtis Simpson is a force to be reckoned with in the paint. He is active on the glass collecting rebound after rebound. Offense or defense, it doesn’t matter with Simpson as he is constantly climbing above guys and grabbing boards. On the Offensive end, Simpson shows great skill as well as great potential. When he gets the ball on the block he portrays patience as well as great footwork to back it up. On defense he was wall for guys trying to get to the rim as he was constantly blocking shots throughout the day.

2025 5’11 Treyvon Rainey (SWV Hustle)

Rainey was seen doing everything today. Offense or defense, he was active on both ends getting the job done. He helped his team out in many different ways. Whether it be shooting, getting to the rim, locking up on defense, or doing the little things like communicating, Rainey was constantly doing it the whole day. 

2024 5’10 Kurt Hunter (Hoop Dreams Training Academy)

  Kurt Hunter is the definition of a true point guard. He is a pass-first player with the ball on a string. He can dance with his defender and then make the right play after he beats them off the dribble. Hunter’s teammates always need to be ready because he will find a way to make the perfect pass directly in their shooting pocket. Although he is a pass-first player, don’t think he can’t shoot. Hunter was knocking down shots from behind the arc in every game he played. 

2025 6’0 Chase Owens (Hoop Dreams Training Academy)

Chase Owens is a name to remember for the future. This wing has a special way of bringing energy to the game. He is one of the best defensive players I’ve seen so far. He is always talking on defense and in the right spot. He is locking guys up whether he’s picking them up full court, or in the half-court. He’s an offensive weapon too for his team. He shows the ability to shoot the deep ball but really thrives in transition and getting to the rim. He is crafty and athletic and is going to continue to make a name for himself.