by: Ethan Reece

2024 Jacob Hand (Louisville Prospects)
Jacob was a strong and steady presence down low for a Prospects team that needed him down the stretch as they held off a rallying comeback. He protected the paint and ran the court off his boards, showing off his versatility. He made moves down low to finish but also was able to get downhill as was the case in his game-winning floater as time expired.

2023 Kameron Roberts (Warriors TBT)
I wrote about Kameron yesterday but that’s how much he impressed me. He had one of the best weekends out of anyone at the entire event. I’d take him on my team any day, the dude simply knows how to play ball. Puts his big body to work down low as a bullying presence but also is a mismatch up top taking people off the bounce. He blends right into the physically tough defensive system Warriors TBT run. If you didn’t see Kameron play, you missed out big time.

2022 Dorien Johsnon (Team Synergy)
Dorien started out the game hot knocking down 3 threes in rhythm off natural ball reversals. He kept it going throughout the game not just making shots but finishing around the basket as he came away with offensive rebounds and cuts. Not a lot of size on the squad, but Dorien played big as a guard defensively especially as a rebounder.

2023 Tamayahs Bracey (VA Havoc)
In an extremely tight battle with the Daniel twins of CC Elite 2024, Tamayahs rose to the occasion and went toe to toe trading buckets all game long. Was best spotting up from deep and knocking them down but was also a strong playmaker for the team creating for others which worked well with PG partner Kennard Wyche.

2024s Carson and Chase Daniel (CC Elite)
With all the buzz starting to gather around the twins, they could easily let the pressure get to them. But honestly, I think they like it. They always seem to step up and embrace the moment. They’re not gonna back down to anyone and it showed in a tough backcourt head to head vs VA Havoc. Both are extremely quick and explosive, which they demonstrated on defense flying around like bottle rockets. More specifically though in this game, Carson was very effective getting downhill and finishing while Chase was automatic finding the soft spot in the zone and knocking down the mid-range, proving they can adapt to whatever the defense throws at them and get the job done