By: Ethan Reece

2021 6’4 Reginald Smith (Charlotte Aces)
Reginald came out and posed as both a leader and glue guy for his squad. The team moved the ball well, allowing him the spacing to attack, which is when he’s at his best. Between his control of the ball, length/frame, and quick first step he was able to get to the basket all game while also posing a reliable spot-up threat. I know it’s late, but anybody still looking for a 2021 signee should give him a look.

2023 6’7 Elijah Strong (Charlotte Tigers)
Easily one of the most intriguing prospects in attendance, big man has so much versatility in the way he operates and stretches the floor. Very well-coordinated and smooth as a ball-handler, his best ability is as a passer. He found so many teammates for dish-offs when he got going downhill, I really didn’t see him miss anybody. An unselfish leader that can lead the offense while guarding 1-5 on defense, definitely going to keep making big waves at Myers Park after he already won POY as a sophomore. Potential is off the charts!

2023 5’10 Deuce Fair (Riptide 2023 SC)
While the whole team showcased well-rounded games and gritty play, Deuce stood out as the spark plug that got everything going. Whether it was knocking down threes or making plays for others, he left his impact felt offensively. And going with the tradition of tough Riptide guards, Deuce was relentless defensively getting up in ball handlers’ grill and rattling them. Stays in front so easy with his quick feet and competitiveness

2023 Patrick Tivnan (Charlotte Tigers)
In an up and down game that was dominated by guards, Patrick stayed steady by holding the fort down on the interior. Was a consistent and reliable force inside, being big on the boards and finishing everything through a lot of contact. Came away with both the game-tying and game-winning putbacks down the stretch, running the court to finish. Already had a strong spring/summer with Team Hope, and really has the chance to be a special two-way player