By: Heath Gulledge

2027 Colt Fowler (Upward Stars Fowler)

He might not be the biggest guy on the court but he sure plays like it. Fowler is a crafty point guard with skill well beyond his years. The shifty guard has a knack for drawing the defense in and kicking to open shooters on the wing. He plays much bigger than he is, especially on his way to the rim. Fowler knows how to get crafty in the paint and finish around taller defenders. 

2024 6’3 Daijon Lindsay (Mamba Squad)

Lindsay can flat-out score. He is not a one-way scorer either as he can be seen doing anything from getting to the rim and converting through contact, to making the deep ball well beyond the three-point line and everything in between. He is a scorer and he does it with confidence and ease. You can tell in his game that Lindsay plays fearlessly and it shows with the confidence he has in his shot. 

2024 6’9 Will Broadfoot (NLPB TN)

Broadfoot is a massive presence in the paint. There’s simply no other way to say it. He has a special way of contesting shots without fouling. His 6’9 height allows him to get an advantage on the offense. This advantage was evident today watching him block shot after shot and grab endless rebounds. He was scoring in the paint at will. He has good body control going up to the rim which allows him to get to the line where he was consistently knocking down free throws. 

2024 6’0 Jack Horgan (Smith Elite Red)

Anybody interested in a knockdown shooter needs to look at Horgan. He shoots the ball well, often, and with confidence. His shot selection is very impressive because he hasn’t taken an ill-advised shot yet. He plays hard-nosed basketball and is always giving it his all on defense. If there is a loose ball, expect Horgan to be one of the first guys on the floor after it.