by: Ethan Reece

2024 Camden Edmonds (Winston 76ers)Camden seems poised for a break out year at West Stokes. After a quality freshman year on varsity, he looks ready to take the charge and lead as a sophomore. Well equipped with an offensive skillset to make shots from anywhere on the court, but he’s best at getting downhill and rising up to finish. He uses his length to adjust and stretch out around the basket as well as terrorize ball handlers. So active in passing lanes, and just this morning had to have come away with close to ten steals in a quality matchup against Lake Norman where the entire game seemed to run through him.

2024 Amari Collins (Juice All Stars)In what started out as a slow game, Amari cam off the bench and ignited the offense, leading the way in what became a solid win in a tight game. Not big enough to play post, but still got things done inside in a more small ball lineup, with the ball seemingly finding him naturally and him finishing strong off two feet with balance and control. That feature also allowed him to make touch floats outside the lane

2023 Rashad McCormick (Phenom ESA)It was a dominant day on the court for Rashad and an entertaining one for me watching as he averaged 25 ppg. Standing at 6’6 with a long frame and crazy athleticism, the buckets come effortlessly. Because of the typical makeup of teams he will be down low and can play big, but he’s best attacking from outside and taking advantage of his length to finish while also proving a smooth shooter with 3 threes in each game. Given some more time in the weight room to develop his slender frame, he’ll be ready to dominate this HS season at Hough and take whatever he wants.

2023 Dallas Gardner (Phenom ESA)I’ve seen a lot of basketball this year and I can’t think of another guy that impacts the game individually more than Dallas. First off, he’s a scoring machine and has shown that all season against quality competition. But anyone who watches him knows that he really stands out because of his motor and leadership. He’s got an endless supply of energy that pairs with his bouncy athleticism, making some plays that just leave you jaw dropped. His team has a chance every time out with him leading the charge.

2023 Isaac Holmes (Papa Pete’s)It’s really fun to watch Isaac take charge of the Apex Friendship offense. The big bodied PG has a very clear understanding of off ball motion not just as the cutter but as the passer. His court vision is elite, seeing varying patterns of cuts and then having the ability to deliver a quality pass for guys to finish while never seeming to force the issue. And today he showed off his shooting stroke too, he hit 4 threes with each being highly contested proving defenses won’t be able to solely key on Gabe Proctor as a shooting threat.