by: Ethan Reece

2024 Richard Goods (Ben L Smith)

I’ve been impressed with Richard every time I’ve seen him. He’s already had a strong spring playing with Carolina Clutch and went right to work this weekend with Smith. The clear workhorse and rim protector for his team, it’s nice to see the game run through a post for a change with basketball being so guard oriented these days. Richard finished everything at the basket and displayed an automatic mid range float with soft touch

2022 Nayshaun Hale (Ben L Smith)

Standing at 6’3 and possessing a long frame, Nayshaun did a good job of showing off his versatility for Smith, primarily in stretching the floor. He was utilized the most at the 4 position, but had no problem handling pressure as a ball handler and stepped up to make 3 three pointers. He also was extremely active around the basket, controlling the glass with his big man partner Richard Goods

2022 Christopher Wilson (Cox Mill)

Christopher’s IQ and feel for the game is through the roof. He operated as Cox Mill’s floor general, directing traffic and finding teammates over and over for easy looks. Has the ability to pass players open and read the defense seconds ahead. Only 5’9 but he’s clearly been in the weightroom and has the competitiveness for any matchup. Had no struggles switching off to a big and staying in front with his strong frame

2022 Chol Adichol (Glenn)

Chol started the morning off on a high note with a big time throwdown. Caught me off guard with how high he got up and how far he took off from but he made it look effortless. Was highly active around the glass and came away with numerous putbacks using his long 6’6 frame. Also showcased a nice passing ability and hit multiple teammates on backdoor curs

2024 John Holbrook (Hickory)

Rare to see a young big like John with such poise and patience on the block. He’ll keep growing but he’s already got a tremendously mature body and size at 6’5. Already has a go to move with the right hook, didn’t miss one all game due to his soft touch

2024 Sir Mohammed (Myers Park)

I had already heard good stuff about Sir based off his performance at the Myers Park Summer League, and he picked up right where that left off. It was impossible for Broughton to keep him from getting downhill and into the lane. His size and athleticism combined with his strong ball handling makes it extremely tough for anyone to match up, because he could bully most guards and blow by most posts

2023 Wyatt Mowery (RJ Reynolds)

There’s a lot of clear upside and potential to see in Wyatt. He’s got the long frame at 6’8 and was a very willing defender as he kept switching onto guards with the ball screen. His best moments of the game were when he found the high post and fed his frontcourt partner Henry Hubbard, connected multiple times to shred the zone of Independence. Look for Reynolds to anchor their offense around him more and more next season

2022 Dyshawn Taylor (Independence)

Dyshawn was the primary scorer for his squad and main shooting threat. Knocked down 4 threes, each one contested heavily. But he spotted up and shot in rhythm and collected a four point play, big shots that kept his team in the game

2023 Zach Barbour (Forest Hills)

Polk County simply had nothing for Zach defensively. He has a really good frame and size that he utilized relentlessly with dropsteps and post ups. Layups were practically wide open from how far he moved his defenders with his clear outs. Nice to see a guy that knew what his game was and capitalize on it, never deviated away from it