By: Heath Gulledge

2024 5’10 Chase Daniel (CC Elite Blue)

Hamilton does it all for CC Elite. Whatever he’s asked to do, he’s going to do it and do it well. He’s a player that can score on all three levels. He can handle the ball and break down defenders and then makes the right play when he gets by them. He gets down hill extremely well and finishes through contact with great body control. He can shoot the long ball as well as hit the one dribble pull-up. On defense he’s a gritty defender who doesn’t mind picking you up in the back court. Hamilton has an all around impressive game. 

2023 6’3 Marquez Cotton (RDC Lakers) 

This is a player who knows his role and does it well. He’s an attack the rim type of player and does it efficiently. He was scoring around that basketball all day by playing bully ball with his defender. He’s an active rebounder and uses his athleticism to sky over other players and grab boards. Cotton finds himself in just the right places on defense and has figured out the timing it takes to jump passing lanes that then leads to breakaway points.

2023 6’0 Jaiden Thompson (PSB Elite Bethel)

Thompson was one of the most well rounded players I’ve seen all weekend. He’s a skilled point guard who’s quick and can change direction and speed with no problem. He has a deadly hesi when handling the ball which he showed multiple times. He attacked the basket well in transition and in the front court. He has a really nice pull-up jumpshot in his arsenal that he uses after he blows past slower defenders. 

2023 6’1 Ned Hull (PSB Elite Bethel) 

Hull embodies the definition of a shooter. His range is out in the parking lot. There’s no shot that Hull doesn’t like and he shoots it with pure confidence. Along with deep range, he brings good vision and a one dribble pull-up to the game as well. Hull knows how to string his makes together. He was seen hitting back to back threes’s multiple times. 

2024 5’10 Tyler Mason (Greensboro Warriors Gold)

Mason has sneaky athleticism and isn’t afraid to show it. He’s one of the fastest and most athletic guys on the court. He’s a get to the rim and get crafty type of finisher. When he’s in the air he knows how to adjust his body and the ball in order to finish through the contact. He’s tenacious on the defensive end and likes to jump passing lanes to get his steals. He’s quite the pick pocket as well when players try to make a move on him.