By: Ethan Reece

2024 Peter Moye (CC Elite Blue)

Peter displayed a smooth shooting touch in the 8 am win, really good rotation on the shot. Standing at 6’2, he’s got a long frame for a young guard and was very poised. He knew what play needed to be made and how to get it done, displaying a good set of ball fakes and using his body. If needed, Peter could easily move down low and play post as well, very versatile

2024 Chase Owens (Hoop Dreams Training)

Go ahead and remember this name, Chase is an extremely athletic 6’0 guard that has big potential. For some, the athleticism would be used as a crutch, but Chase doesn’t rely on it too heavily. He showcases a very smooth feel to the game and made good decisions when getting to the basket and moving without the ball. He led a well-balanced attack for his squad to take an early morning win in dominating fashion. I see a bright future ahead at Gaston Day

2024 Isaiah Page (RDC Lakers)

Isaiah is a guy that stays active on defense with his quick hands and natural instincts to cut off passes. He shined brightest when his team picked up full-court pressure. On offense, he’s capable of being a shotmaker but was most effective getting downhill and dishing it off to his big men, found countless layups for his teammates in their second-half comeback win

2024 Richard Goods (Carolina Clutch)

It was hard to find anything that Richard didn’t showcase. He was relentless on the glass, securing numerous putbacks, and also stepped out to knock down the jumper. Nothin came easy in his paint, he owned the lane and contested every shot opponents put up. I think what stood out most though was his passing ability. His court vision and soft touch are something that will separate him from other bigs. Already 6’6, I imagine he still has a few more inches in him and will be a double-double machine the next few years at Smith High. College coaches should start tracking him immediately!

2024 Julen Iturbe (Upward Stars Fagan)

Matched up against a very good CC Elite Blue team, Julen showed his versatility off well. Plays strong as a 6’4 post, but also stretches the floor tremendously with his ability to handle the ball and knock down the 3 ball. Nailed a big 3 with under a minute to go to make it a 1 point game. You can tell the team trusts him as a leader, very vocal and poised on both ends

2024s Zach Bass & Chadwick Ellenwood(Carolina Clutch)

Hard to mention one without the other, as they complement each other so well as a backcourt duo. In both games today, they showcased their tremendous skillsets scoring the ball and making plays. They’re so quick and pesky on defense, creating turnovers and easy transition buckets that led to two dominating wins. They simply wreak havoc on both ends of the court

2024 Josh Clark (CC Elite Blue)

It’s abundantly clear that CC Elite has no shortage of impressive guards, no matter the class. Josh Clark fits right into this category. He has a very competitive edge that pairs well with his playmaking and slashing abilities. Played with extreme confidence against a tough Upward Stars Fagan, and even with all that energy there was a clear calmness in his feel of the game, he game-managed his team to a strong win to advance in bracket play

2024 Treo Belton (CC Elite White)

The lefty guard was super active in the AM. Quick with both his hands and in getting up the court, Treo handled the pressure from RDC Lakers quite well. Controlling the pace of the game, he was able to create easy opportunities for his teammates. He also showed the ability to make the three-ball, knocking down 3 in the game

2024 Kevyn Farmer (RDC Lakers)

This guy was a fighter all day, and a bull in the paint. Perhaps a little undersized in comparison to the other notable 2024 bigs, but he made up for it with his brute strength and competitiveness. Showed he was capable of getting downhill and taking people coast to coast off the rebound. Let him keep growing and maturing, and he’ll go head to head with every big he faces