By; Heath Gulledge

2022 6’0 Dwight Canady Jr. (NLPB Senyo) 

Canady Jr. has great athleticism and the ability to use it to his advantage when being guarded by slower defenders. He’s aggressive around the rim and finishes in unique ways. He’s always running the floor and it pays off as he finds himself in a lot of two on one scenarios in which he thrives. He’s one of the primary ball handlers for his team and you can tell he’s comfortable getting everybody into position on the offensive end. 

2022 6’0 Jadon Jenkins (Chattanooga Elite Grey 17u)

Jenkins is a guy who’s going to give it his all the whole game. He has the throttle open all the way the whole game on both ends. On defense, he sits down and guards and grabs as many five-second counts as possible. On the offensive end he’s always going downhill and finishing around the rim. He goes straight into the defense with no fear and racks up a lot of and-1’s. 

2022 6’6 Caleb Owens (Next Level Elite 17u)

Owens is a knockdown shooter. Through the whole game, he put on a shooting clinic, finishing the game with five 3’s. His ability to shoot off the catch and off the move is what impresses me the most. Shooting wasn’t the only thing he did. He showed on more than one occasion that he can put the ball on the floor and get to the rim. 

2022 6’1 Khalil Marshall (Team Eat 17u)

This guy was doing it all for Team Eat. On both ends of the floor, he was playing hard and helping his team in a variety of ways. On the offensive end, he was shooting the ball from beyond the arc as well as getting points in the paint. He’s not afraid to get after loose balls either, whether it’s diving on the floor or grabbing 50/50 balls in the paint, you can bet on Marshall coming up with the ball. 

2022 6’7 Treyvon Byrd (Team Howard 204)

Byrd showed out in the evening game tonight. He was showing his skill and how easy it is for him to get into the lane. He’s a long wing who can sky above defenders for dunks or acrobatic layups. He also uses that length to make it difficult for the offense to get good looks as he also gathered multiple blocks during the game.