5’4 2022 Zane Caudle (Carolina Wolves 16u)

Zane Caudle quickly became one of my favorite players to watch this weekend. A rising sophomore playing up with rising juniors, Caudle performed exceedingly well and fit right in with his older peers. His game is extremely advanced, playing with patience and controlling the floor as his team’s starting point guard. His court vision cannot be understated; not only does he always find the open man, his passes lead teammates into empty spaces on the floor that put them in great scoring position. He boasts a flashy handle but takes great care of the ball, each individual dribble has a purpose. He also has a smooth jump shot and rarely seems to miss an open look. Caudle exudes confidence and his on-court presence will only improve as he gets older.

6’2 2021 Bailey Wiseman (TMP 16u)

Bailey Wiseman is a crafty guard with many levels to his rapidly developing game. Wiseman was one of the purest jump shooters on the day. His form is seeming without flaw and his release is too quick for defenders to block. If you give him an inch of the room, he’s pulling the trigger. His sharpshooting prowess opens up driving lanes where he can use either hand to finish at the rim. He is a shifty ball handler and creates space for layups, floaters and pull up jumpers with ease. He has a wide array of layup packages that he utilizes every time he gets into the paint. Wiseman will be a name to look out for heading into his junior season.

6’7 2020 Collin Wilson (Team Stacked 17u)

Collin Wilson was easily one of the most skilled big men competing today. His multifaceted game gave defenders fits and no one seemed to have an answer. Wilson has the post moves and patience to dominate the paint where he uses his athletic frame and soft touch to finish around the rim. He can also stretch the floor as a deep threat, forcing opposing bigs to step out on him on the perimeter. Perhaps the biggest strength to his game is his ability to run with guards in transition and finish with a layup or alley-oop. Wilson led his team to a championship victory and scored 25 points in the process. His refined skill should make him a sought after prospect as a rising senior.

6’8 2022 David Tubek (Renegades 17u)

David Tubek might have the greatest long-term potential of any prospect in the tournament. Only a rising sophomore, his 6‘8 frame is complemented by an even longer wingspan and a developed build. Tubek skied above defenders for rebounds and used his length to get putbacks. He has impressive coordination and footwork for someone of his size. What really should open the eyes of coaches is his incredible feel for the game after only playing organized basketball for a few months. His understanding of positioning and his ability to utilize his physical gifts are impressive after such a short time. Tubek should be on every coaches radar as he is an eye-opening prospect.

6’3 2020 Elan Muniz (NC Spartans West 17u)

Elan Muniz is a deep range deadeye with one of the most consistent strokes I have seen in the tournament. In the championship game today, Muniz knocked down eight threes, with six of those coming in the first half. He is truly a microwave on the floor. When he gets into a rhythm, he can be a scary player for opposing defenses. He has a high release that makes it almost impossible for defenders to block and has a quick enough trigger to shoot no matter how good the shot contest. His range extends to multiple feet beyond the three-point line and he has the confidence to pull from anywhere on the floor. Coaches in need of a shooter should look no further than Muniz.