#20- Eli Ellis- Though young and still somewhat undersized, Ellis is simply an absolute monster on the basketball court. He’s extremely polished and is capable of being the primary option of an efficient offense while applying nonstop scoring pressure from all three levels. Ellis plays with an edge at all times and can be an overwhelming defender with his motor/energy level.


#27- Davante Gonzalez- Perhaps no guard has been better in the open floor than Gonzalez, who secured rebounds, forced turnovers, and showed phenomenal flashes when attacking the basket. He’s quick, very rugged, and has no problem involving himself in the action on both ends of the floor. Gonzalez has useful vision and scored on numerous second-chance opportunities.


#31- Drew Redmond- Defensively, no player has been more dominant than Redmond, who does an incredible job of staying attached to his assignment and allowing for no operating space. He’s so full of energy and is arguably the fastest, quickest guard in the building. Redmond’s scoring, defensive prowess, and ability to turn defense into offense makes him very problematic for the opposition.


#44- Kadyn Turner-Scott- The young, wiry forward prospect showed some excellent flashes during camp, especially for his age. He does a little bit of everything and does so at a pretty high level. Turner-Scott knows how to position himself for success and made a ton of plays in transition.


#47- Luke Earnhardt- The strong-bodied forward possesses a tremendous amount of polish, especially for a rising freshman, and has the ability to make a ton of plays as a passer and scorer. He utilizes his body well around the basket but also looked very comfortable with the ball in his hands as a creator and floor-spacer.


#57- Kavan Horton- In terms of sheer motor, no one has been more impressive than Horton. He handles the ball, scores efficiently from all levels, and can seamlessly play either guard position. Horton’s activity level is phenomenal and leads to a ton of turnovers and buckets in transition. He could be in store for a breakout season.


#65- Ray Faison- The all-around guard prospect has been the ultimate glue-guy during this camp. He’s smart, energetic, and is capable of controlling the action on both ends of the floor. Faison is a well-rounded athlete with IQ, skill, and rebounding instincts, making him a difficult matchup for most opponents.


#74- Chris Harris- The long, high-motor forward has easily been the most reliable rebounding on display thus far. He plays with purpose on every possession, only interested in making unselfish contributions and securing extra opportunities for his team. Harris is a phenomenal hustle worker with solid athleticism and touch with either hand.

#77- Solomon King- The long, wiry forward is arguably the most intriguing prospect in the building. He knows how to affect all facets of the game and is fairly strong for his size/lack of muscle definition. King has great athleticism, but also possesses a great amount of skill and two-way versatility for his position.


#79- Earl Burges- There’s a lot to like with the long, skilled, athletic power forward, as he’s still just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term abilities. Burgess is able to put the ball on the floor or work exclusively around the basket and finish effectively with either hand. He’s only going to get better going forward and should have D1 coaches very excited.


#84- Deante Green- Arguably the most polished prospect on display, Green has been showed consistent flashes of dominance today. He’s unstoppable on the block, given his ability to do a wide variety of things at a high level, but also showcased a tremendous blend of IQ, skill, and athleticism. Green handled the ball well and showed his ability to create off the bounce while knocking down jumpers from the perimeter.