#5- Matty Foor- Though young and somewhat unassuming, Foor already looks prepared to compete and contribute at the varsity level. He’s smart, smooth, and knows how to operate in a variety of different roles. Foor handles the ball well, displays quality vision, and can shoot very efficiently from the perimeter.


#10- AJ Thompson- The sharp, quick, smart floor general offered a phenomenal balance between playmaking and three-level scoring in his first showing of the day. Thompson is able to take opponents off the dribble with ease and understands how to continually mix it up upon entering the paint.


#43- Quan Peterson- Though young, there’s already a lot to like about Peterson and his approach to the game. He’s so smart and smooth, especially with the ball in his hands, and displayed an advanced playmaking sense quite frequently. Peterson’s decision-making never wavers and he utilizes his body very well to gain separation.


#49- Colin Rodrigues- Arguably the best player in attendance, Rodrigues showcased the full arsenal today and was basically unstoppable with the ball in his hands. He’s smart, crafty, patient, incredibly explosive and applies nonstop scoring pressure from all three levels. Rodrigues should pique the interest from a variety of D1 programs.


#55- LeBron Thomas- As well as he passed and scored the ball, Thomas’ commitment to defense was one of the most impressive subplots from camp. His instincts are simply on another level, given his ability to closeout, eliminate space, and shut opponents down without fouling. Thomas has a strong argument as the top point guard in South Carolina’s Class of 2022.


#66- Umar Lawson- The tough, strong, rugged two-way wing prospect continues to stand out among the most explosive athletes in the entire building. His nonstop motor and phenomenal defensive presence allow him to make a consistent impact, but he also highlighted his ability to attack and finish very well through contact.


#67- Janyle Pittman- There’s so much to like with the strong two-way wing/forward prospect, especially given how he’s able to consistently affect all facets of the game. He’s a powerful athlete that plays well above the rim and outworks bigger/stronger opponents for rebounds on a regular basis. Pittman also shot the ball nicely throughout the day.


#70- Jordan Simpson- The long, wiry guard prospect has arguably been the best shooter on display. He’s a phenomenal spot-up threat with great off-ball movement and the ability to attack closeouts effectively. Simpson is young and will have a clear identity at every level.


#82- Korey Richardson- It’s easy to see why Richardson is so highly-touted, given his unbelievably smooth skillset and offensive approach. He’s able to effortlessly control the action, making plays for himself and others with regularity, and never looking rushed on either end of the floor. Richardson has also continued to grow over the recent months, which makes him even more appealing going forward.


#83- Cameron Scott- As the youngest player in attendance, Scott joins Carter Whitt and Isaiah Todd as the only middle-school prospects to attend a Top 80 event and did not disappoint. Scott was undeniably polished and impressive on both ends of the floor, already quite versatile and able to dictate the action with relative ease.


#97- Chase McDuffie- Arguably the smoothest scorer in attendance, McDuffie is a prospect that should see a major uptick in his recruitment this season. He can create for himself and apply excellent scoring pressure from all three levels. McDuffie knows his game and plays within himself on both sides of the ball.


#109- Justin Amadi- The strong-bodied wing/forward prospect is another guy that should see a lot of schools get involved over the next calendar year. Amadi is a quality athlete with plenty of upside and a blossoming offensive skillset. He’s pretty versatile, especially on defense, and rebounds nicely on both ends of the floor.


#112- AJ Allenspach- The long, wiry post prospect played with an exceptional motor throughout the day. Allenspach simply outworks opponents in every facet of the game, especially as a rebounder, and knows how to make a strong impact without necessarily needing to score. He’s young and will be one to watch closely going forward.


#119- Cesare Edwards- There’s so much to like with the long, athletic, inside-out forward, especially considering his remaining upside. Edwards is already very polished and talented, but is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term upside. His feel continues to improve and his skillset should definitely have D1 coaches buzzing.