Chapmanville (WV):

6’9 ’20 Obinna Anochili-Killen

There’s a lot to like with this Chapmanville team, especially when Anochili-Killen is on the court. He’s long, athletic, and moves like a guard, which makes him a very intriguing two-way prospect. Anochili-Killen can do a solid amount of things on offense, as he can shoot, operate within two to three dribbles, and possesses excellent touch around the basket. His timing on rebounds and blocks is phenomenal, which allowed him to really control the paint on either end of the floor.


6’8 ’19 Devin Collins

The forward prospect probably possesses a stronger crossroads of productivity and long-term potential than any unsigned prospect from the first contest. He causes an abundance of problems for opponents with his ability to stretch the floor and apply pressure as a spot-up shooter. Collins moves really well without the ball and understands how to find open seams within the teeth of the defense. He’s a clearly worthy of Division I consideration and should ultimately end up being a quality contributor at the next level.


Liberty Heights:

6’6 ’20 Kahari Rogers

In the first game of the day, no player was able to score the ball more effectively or effortlessly than Rogers. He shot absolutely lights-out and was able to get going from all three levels today. Rogers is long, wiry, and quite athletic, which allows him to do a lot of positive things for this Liberty Heights squad. If his jumper is falling, this team is extremely difficult to beat. Rogers has a lot of tools and possesses great positional size, which should make him a quality target for a variety of Division I programs.


Davidson Day:

6’4 ’21 Bryce Alfino

There’s a lot to like with the wing prospect, given his size, skill, and ability to make constant contributions on either end of the floor. He’s strong and frequently barrels his way to the rim, but also displays solid creation instincts and a sharp overall understanding of the game. Alfino can already defend three positions comfortably at the high school level, yet has only begun to truly scratch the surface of his long-term upside. He’ll be one to watch progress, especially given how well he’s already performing.


6’5 ’20 Jackson Threadgill

It’s easy to see why Threadgill already holds multiple Division I offers, as he possesses a lot of attractive tools and understands how to apply them within the game. He’s continued to develop on both sides of the ball, but looks likely to keep adding strength and could become overwhelming at the next level. Threadgill knows how to lead by example and simply go about his business without needing to draw a ton of attention. Like Alfino, he’ll be one to monitor over the next calendar year.


Lincoln Charter:

6’1 ’22 Anthony Breland

The freshman point guard continues to work out the kinks and gain playing experience for Lincoln Charter, but his upside is already glaringly obvious. Breland is naturally smooth and possesses a strong feel for the game, so it’ll be exciting to see how he progresses. He offers a great balance between scoring and playmaking, but should be able to continue adding polish over the next few years and make that next leap in his development.