#65- Jordan Blue- No point guard has been a better true floor general than Blue, who makes up for his lack of size with incredibly heady, unselfish play. He’s very smart and it’s evident on both ends of the floor, given his unwavering consistency as a defender and decision-maker. Blue exudes leadership in basically everything that he does and should emerge as a vital piece this season.


#69- Rowan Irelan- Though one of the younger, smaller kids on display, Irelan was very effective throughout his time at camp–especially on offense. He handles the ball with poise, displays quality vision, and should not be left alone from beyond the arc. Irelan will be one to watch with continued physical maturation.


#80- Caleb Senyo- Despite some early struggles, Senyo continues to look like a reliable floor general on both ends of the floor. He commits to all facets of the game, from rebounding to defending to playmaking, and scores as needed. Senyo has a smooth shooting stroke but can also penetrate and finish inside.


#82- Daunta Hagler- The smart, strong-bodied guard has been an excellent two-way leader for his team today. He has operated as the primary creator for himself and others while showing a clear willingness to do the dirty work as much as possible. Hagler plays physical and utilizes his body extremely well to rebound and finish around the basket.


#83- Jacob Adair- Arguably the best shooter in attendance, Adair has seen no issue asserting himself on the offensive end of the floor. He’s young and slightly undersized, but knows and embraces his role incredibly well. Adair makes smart decisions with the ball and is an exceptional spot-up threat from beyond the arc.


#84- Omarion Green- No player has been more impactful in transition than Green, who seems to score every time he touches the ball. He’s very speedy in the open floor and finishes very well at the basket, including through contact. Green is a quality rebounder and capable passer.


#105- Keith Harry- The long, well-rounded guard prospect has arguably been the most impressive glue-guy in attendance. He’s constantly communicating and looking to make the right play. Harry rebounds and defends exceptionally well but can also operate as a primary creator and scorer whenever necessary.


#112- Tae’Jon Myers- In many ways, Myers was one of the best teammates in the building. He has an all-around game with toughness and great defensive prowess. Myers could operate as a primary option on offense, but genuinely only looked to take over when his coach asked him to do so. Myers is excellent at attacking the basket, especially in the open floor, but also proved to be a useful shooter and smart overall player.


#124- Tyler Schaafsma- The bouncy, high-motor guard was certainly among the most productive two-way performers on display. He’s a capable three-level scorer that has seen great success at getting downhill and attacking the basket. Schaafsma is a calm, steady presence that secures an abundance of second-chance opportunities as a rebounder. He’s terrific in the open floor and has the ability to create for others.


#134- Cameron Scott- The long, athletic forward prospect was easily the most appealing prospect in the building, given his advanced physical tools and shocking amount of skill. Scott consistently affects all facets of the game and is still just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term upside. College coaches would be smart to track him going forward.


#138- Jaxon Burnette- Arguably the best surprise of the day was Burnette, a young, very promising two-way forward/post prospect with a useful array of skills. He shoots the ball efficiently from the perimeter and can operate from the post. Burnette plays with a strong motor and it’s particularly evident on the defensive side of the ball. He’ll definitely be one to watch grow.


#140- Matthew Warren- The wiry, long-bodied post prospect was very effective on both sides of the ball throughout camp. He showed a clear willingness to make the hustle plays and fought for extra possessions at all times. Warren displays touch with either hand but can also step out and knock down the perimeter jumper with relative ease.


#141- Marvin Hires- The strong, high-motor forward was extremely productive on both sides of the ball today, especially for his age. He displayed high IQ, two-way versatility, and excellent rebounding instincts. Hires can bang inside or operate outside the arc, simply based on whatever the team needs. He defends quite well and has an advanced frame and skillset for his age.


#142- Jose Figueroa- The young forward is simply brimming with upside, but already makes a ton of plays on both sides of the ball. Figueroa moves very well and displays a quality feel for his size, which allows him to consistently rebound and score within the flow of the offense. He plays hard and positions himself nicely on defense.


#143- Tyler Fearne- There’s a lot to like with the long, wiry two-way forward prospect, given the way he controls the action on both ends of the floor with poise and polish. Fearne handles the ball, makes smart passes, and scores with great efficiency from all three levels. He’s a knockdown shooter with nice versatility and the ability to operate in a variety of different roles.