5’9 ’24 Aidan Cook (CC Elite)

Although somewhat unassuming, Cook is clearly a vital piece for this CC Elite squad. He’s still developing physically but displays excellent feel for the game and shoots the ball at a reliable clip from the perimeter. Cook makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands, both as a passer and scorer, and does a great job of operating within the framework of the offense. Given his foundation and continued growth, one should expect Cook to emerge as a useful contributor for Weddington sooner than later. 

6’2 ’24 Peter Moye (CC Elite)

After finding opportunities as a varsity contributor, it’s easy to see the strides Moye has made as a leader with this CC Elite group. His production is simply too strong to ignore, as he effortlessly leads the team by example as an offensive catalyst. Moye is great at attacking the basket and finishing or making the correct pass to a teammate. He utilizes his body well to absorb contact on drives, gets to the line at a solid rate, and rebounds the ball very well for his position. 

6’1 ’24 Julian Mack (Elite One)

Given his production as a scoring threat throughout the summer, it should come as no surprise to see Mack stand out among their top performers. He’s a long, wiry guard prospect with the ability to score from all levels, make smart passes, and lead the offense as needed. Mack moves well without the ball in his hands but can also create off the bounce effectively. 

6’3 ’24 Omar Sims (TNT Hoopsquad)

Anyone who watched this TNT Hoopsquad already understands Sims’ ability and overall value to this team. Although he’s their biggest player, Sims could be found running the offensive action in a seamless fashion. He displays a great all-around feel for the game, scoring with terrific efficiency while consistently setting up others whenever possible. Sims is a quality athlete with polish and leadership qualities. He was arguably the best player on the floor from start to finish. 

6’2 ’24 Jaylen Cross (Rim Runners)

Quite possibly the most enticing prospect from the early session, Cross is currently in the process of developing into a special prospect. He possesses an excellent frame with length, athleticism, and a wiry build (which should only turn into muscle going forward), but also showcases a complete game on the court. Cross moves extremely well without the ball and understands how to position himself for success at all times. That being said, he’s equally as reliable with the ball in his hands as a primary creator and can effortlessly dictate the action as a focal point. It’s still early, but Cross has a lot of appeal with his tools and mentality. 

6’1 ’24 Drew Hollifield (Rim Runners)

There are a lot of quality guards within North Carolina’s Class of 2024, but not enough folks are talking about Hollifield and his place amongst that grouping. He’s a smart, tough, gritty guard prospect with a nice balance between scoring and playmaking. Hollifield makes great decisions with the ball in his hands, but also understands how to spot-up and make an impact as a cutter/off-guard. He rebounds, offers resistance defensively, and has no glaring weaknesses within his identity.  

6’3 ’24 Daidien Sutton (East Carolina Elite)

Given his clear status as the all-around leader of this group, Sutton showcased the full arsenal on either side of the ball. He’s a big, strong, physical wing prospect with the necessary skill to run an effective offensive attack as the focal point. Sutton hit jumpers, finished inside, and regularly set up others while highlighting athleticism and two-way versatility. He also stood out as a strong rebounder on either end of the floor and pushed transition play whenever possible.  

6’3 ’25 Dominic Cotton (Upward Stars Pee Dee)

Although there were a ton of standouts for the balanced Upward Stars Pee Dee squad, Cotton was arguably the most impressive. He’s big and strong but also fluid and fairly skilled for his size at this stage in his development. Cotton defended multiple positions, rebounded the ball at a consistent rate, and scored in a variety of different ways. He plays very hard and shows a willingness to do the little things in order to win. 

5’9 ’25 Q Williams (Team CP3)

Quite possibly the best passer in attendance, Williams is an absolute wizard with the ball in his hands. His understanding of angles and how to seemingly break down defenses from any spot on the floor make him an absolute nightmare for opposing ball-handlers. Williams is quick, crafty, and shifty with an incredibly high IQ. While his size, or lack thereof, might be a deterrent for some, it arguably makes him even tougher to defend. He possesses a variety of floaters, runners, and clever finishes, but can also shoot the ball at a reliably clip from the perimeter. Difficult to envision a scenario where we aren’t talking about Williams over the foreseeable future. 

6’4 ’25 Addison Newkirk (Team CP3)

While there’s an abundance of talent within Team CP3’s roster, Newkirk might be their most intriguing prospect overall. The appeal starts with his phenomenal combination of IQ, size, and skill—particularly at his current age. Newkirk is a fluid, legitimate wing prospect with an all-around skillset and the necessary versatility to operate from multiple different positions. He can score from all levels, create for himself or others, and make his presence felt on the glass. Newkirk is also a useful defender with excellent instincts and anticipation. Though few people are talking about him, he has the tools to be an elite prospect within North Carolina’s Class of 2025.

6’5 ’23 Jaden Boyd (York County Legends)

The balance for York County Legends was pretty apparent from start to finish, and Boyd stood out as a clear catalyst during the process. He’s developed his frame nicely from wiry to sturdy and understands how to make a consistent impact from inside the paint on both ends of the floor. Boyd is a reliable rebounder with quality instincts and the ability to capitalize on second-chance opportunities as a finisher. He also made smart passes and altered shots defensively. 

5’9 ’23 Keenan Wilkins (Asheville Gamechangers)

Though slightly undersized, the guard prospect continues to showcase the ability to be a primary cog within an effective offensive attack. Wilkins is smart, crafty, and possesses a nice balance between scoring and playmaking. He handles the ball well, creates for himself and others off the dribble, and displays useful instincts when defending the point of attack. 

6’5 ’24 Cameron McKinney (Team Hope)

It’s easy to appreciate this Team hope squad, especially when McKinney is stationed around the basket and making his presence felt on either end of the floor. He’s long and plays with a high motor, which allows him to make hustle plays, secure rebounds, and alter shots defensively. McKinney displayed solid touch inside the paint and ran the floor hard in transition. 

6’2 ’24 Evan Carter (Carolina Pressure)

The Carolina Pressure have a wide variety of useful prospects on this roster, and Carter might arguably be their most productive piece. He’s somewhat undersized for his position but makes up for his lack of size with nonstop energy and an excellent nose for the ball. Carter is a terrific rebounder, runs the floor hard, and finishes well around the basket. He definitely has a knack for making plays. 

6’0 ’24 Benny Limbacher (Rim Runners)

The Rim Runners have stood out among the better teams in their age group, and Limbacher’s ability to operate as a glue-guy has been a vital part of their success. His ability to do a little bit of everything translates against all opponents. Limbacher handles the ball, makes quality passes, and scores in a variety of different ways. He possesses IQ, an understanding of how to operate without the ball in his hands, and an extremely reliable perimeter jumper.

6’4 ’24 Amari Latham (East Carolina Elite)

Arguably the most consistent force in their second showing, Latham regularly stands out with this East Carolina Elite group as a defensive menace. Latham is a high-motor forward/post prospect with the necessary instincts to make a constant impact on the glass and defensively. Latham is a nice athlete, finishes well around the basket, and does a great job of excelling within his role on either end of the floor. 

6’7 ’23 Addison Archer (Asheville Gamechangers)

Although he was somewhat limited in the high school season due to injury, Archer returned to the travel ball landscape right where he left off. He’s a long, tough, athletic post prospect with incredible defensive instincts as an interior anchor. Archer operates above the rim for dunks, blocks, and rebounds, but also shows the ability to step out and knock down the perimeter jumper or attack within one to two dribbles. He’s a definite scholarship-level player, so it’ll be interesting to see what programs get involved going forward.