DME Academy:

6’10 ’21 Moussa Diabate

Thus far, no prospect has even been close to matching Diabate’s intrigue and two-way upside. He’s so polished at this stage in his development, but is still truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his abilities. Diabate commands attention as a three-level scorer that can put the ball on the floor and create offense whenever he desires. He’s quite versatile, especially for his age, and already causes huge matchup problems with his size and athletic fluidity. Diabate is a very problematic presence on defense, given his ability to protect the rim or step out and defend in space—both extremely well. He’s an exceptional rebounder on both ends of the floor and utilizes his body to overwhelm opponents as much as possible. It’s easy to see how he’s nationally-regarded as a top tier prospect in the Class of 2021. He’ll be an exciting prospect to watch over the coming years, as he’s looking increasingly likely to end up as a blue-blood recruit.


6’3 ’19 Malcolm Farrington

The steady, reliable guard was very consistent throughout this contest, providing his team with an excellent blend of defense, scoring, and playmaking. He possesses nice size and a pretty well-rounded skillset. Farrington plays with a very calm demeanor and displays little to no emotion while on the court, which pairs nicely with his overall approach to the game. He’s an efficient three-level scorer with the ability to frequently absorb and finish through contact on penetration attempts. Farrington is smart and should be able to quickly carve out a role at Arkansas State next year.


Aspire Academy:

6’0 ’19 Caleb Fields

There was an abundance of talent on both rosters, but one could make the argument that Fields was the most exciting guard on either team. He’s quick and electric with the ball in his hands, rapidly getting downhill and attacking the opposition. Fields is very poised and sees the entire floor when penetrating, able to highlight his vision and phenomenal playmaking instincts quite often. He’s somewhat small, but finishes extremely well through contact at the rim. Like Farrington, he’ll be an excellent contributor for Arkansas State.


6’10 ’21 Sekou Sada Kalle

The most intriguing player for Aspire was certainly Sada Kalle, a long, athletic, unique power forward with the ability to do a lot of different things on the basketball court. He looks comfortable operating on the perimeter and making the next pass, but typically chooses to set up on the low block and utilize his tools to overwhelm opponents around the rim. Sada Kalle possesses a nice combination of size, strength, touch, and athleticism, which allows him to really overwhelm most big men. He’s quite productive right now, but should be a prospect that’ll continue developing over the coming years.


Word of God:

6’7 ’19 Max Farthing

There have been a lot of questions surrounding the best shooter in North Carolina, but not enough folks are bringing up Farthing. In this contest, he continued to cause problems for recovering defenders along the perimeter. He’s a legitimate shooting threat upon crossing half-court and displays an excellent understanding of how to properly space the floor. Farthing has a great feel for his skillset and utilizes his length well to rise over the outstretched arms of closeout defenders.


6’3 ’20 Chase Forte

Few guys on Word of God are able to match the two-way consistency of Forte, who adds a nice element of toughness and relentlessness to this team. He’s a great penetrator with solid ball-handling skills and shot-creation ability. Forte is a capable shooter, but does a better job of attacking the basket and finishing in transition. He possesses excellent size and length for his position, and his feel for the game allows him to cause issues as a defender.


Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach:

6’1 ’19 Mike Green

The lefty guard is the clear two-way leader of this squad and it’s evident on every single possession, through his constant communication and quality decision-making. Green is a very smooth player with a terrific feel for the game, both as a scorer and playmaker. He’s a really heady player with sharp attacking tendencies and the ability to create his own shot from anywhere on the floor. Green scores very efficiently on all three levels and was able to contain his assignment quite well on defense.


6’6 ’19 Davis Guyton

The strong-bodied big man didn’t have a particularly strong shooting performance in this contest, but was still able to apply pressure on both sides of the ball. Guyton showed the ability to utilize his size to rebound aggressively and absorb contact around the basket. He took a charge and looked effective when operating in the low post. Guyton has a great feel for his skillset and should be a college-level player.