6’0 ’19 Raja Milton

The point guard knows his skillset incredibly well on both ends of the floor. Milton understands how to really bother opponents with his motor and attention to detail on defense, displaying great anticipation and forcing numerous turnovers during this contest. He communicates exceptionally well and is a true team-first player. Milton shot the ball decently well in this game and got everyone involved while consistently shutting down his assignment on the other end.


6’6 ’19 Tyler Harris (WCU Commit)

The Western Carolina commit showcased a vast array of skills during his first showing of the day. He utilized his length very well on both ends of the floor, finishing effectively around the rim on offense while actively switching across three positions on defense. He’s already able to do so much with his combination of athleticism and versatility, and will be truly problematic upon adding more strength.


6’0 ’19 AJ McKee (Queens Commit)

No guard plays with more aggression and intensity than McKee, who genuinely wants to bully his assignment on both ends of the floor. He’s mean and physically imposing, which is a dastardly combination for opponents to deal with. In this game, McKee brought his standard hardnosed mentality and made a noticeable impact on defense. He pushed the pace in transition and made numerous plays when getting downhill. Queens secured an absolute steal with the high-IQ, defensive terror in McKee.


Concord First Assembly:

6’9 ’20 Garrett Hien

The most technically and fundamentally sound big man from the first contest was Hien, who ran the floor, boxed-out regularly, and pursued rebounds with both hands. He didn’t force the action on offense, but displayed a great amount of versatility by handling the ball and creating for others in transition. Hein showcased nice touch around the basket and from the perimeter, especially given his size.


6’2 ’21 Trae Benham

The floor general conducted offense extremely well during and was able to do a lot of useful things on offense. He passed the ball nicely and efficiently knocked down jumpers within the flow of the game. Benham displays nice polish and has quality size for the point guard position.


Northwood Temple:

6’5 ’19 Jamahri Harvey

Long, athletic, and intriguing are the main characteristics that describe Harvey, who is still just beginning to realize his two-way potential. He showed nice versatility on defense and could be a real menace with added strength, given his natural tools. Harvey is a problem for opponents in transition and should be a really unique recruit throughout the season, especially if his motor develops.


6’10 ’19 Brandon Franklin

Thus far, there likely hasn’t been a prospect more intriguing than Franklin, who is from the rare stretch-center mold and causes an abundance of matchup problems for opponents. He has a nice handle for his size and can shoot the ball from thirty feet at an efficient clip. Franklin possesses a solid feel for the game and quality touch around the basket. He alters shots on defense and utilizes his length to pursue rebounds. Franklin will be a true monster when he adds strength.



6’6 ’19 Mike Christmas (JMU Commit)

The wing prospect is simply wired to score the ball and knows how to accumulate points on all three levels with great regularity. He’s incredibly nimble for his size and creates scoring opportunities exceptionally well through use of his crafty ball-handling skills. Christmas is a nice athlete and consistently looks to finish at or above the rim. He’s a plus-rebounder for his position and possesses terrific upside as a defender. Christmas has a great feel for the game and will be an extremely productive player at James Madison.


6’6 ’20 Joshua Petitma

The long, wiry big man was able to provide the energy and activity level that this team requires. He plays with an excellent motor and works hard on every possession, securing rebounds, altering shots, and running the floor with great purpose. Petitma thrived in his role and operated nicely within the team concept.


6’1 ’19 Chase Turner

In many ways, Turner was the glue-guy for this squad, filling in the gaps and doing whatever the team needed on a possession-to-possession basis. He scored effectively from all levels and displayed a nice feel for the game when creating off the bounce. Turner made plays for himself and others throughout this contest while being a steady presence in transition.



Washington Academy Post-Grad:

6’6 ’19 Christian Jackson

The best player in this game was Jackson, an athletic wing prospect that can really bother opponents with his ability to handle the ball and attack the rim. His jumper looked pretty nice throughout this contest and he looked interested in being a leader on both ends of the floor.


6’6 ’19 Christian Wells

Washington Academy was able to really control the tempo on both sides of the ball throughout this contest, thanks in large part to Wells’ versatility and all-around approach to the game. He scored on three levels and displayed excellent polish when penetrating or operating on the low-block. Wells passes the ball well in traffic and finishes strong around the basket. His ability to handle ball and defend multiple positions makes him especially valuable to this team.


M.A.C.K. Prep:

6’3 ’19 Nasan Ayala

The M.A.C.K. Prep team was somewhat short-handed for their first showing of the day, but Ayala provided them with an aggressive leadership presence. He’s a tough combo-guard that can get downhill effectively and create scoring opportunities for himself and others. Ayala finished well at the rim and rebounded nicely for his position. He fought hard on defense and was able to force multiple turnovers when defending the ball.


North Mecklenburg:

6’2 ’20 Tristan Maxwell

There aren’t many players in the country that can score the ball like Maxwell. He’s a really strong shooter with a quick release and the ability to get a shot off against any type of defender. Maxwell attacks the rim with force and is capable of finishing aggressively through contact. He’s an elite scorer with clear upside as a lockdown defender.


6’6 ’21 Christopher Ford

Some players just naturally fit the “glue-guy” mold and Ford is certainly one of them, given his ability to do a strong amount of everything on both ends of the floor. He passes, rebounds, handles the ball, scores inside and out, and understands his skillset extremely well. Ford can defend three positions easily and could play at a wide variety of Division I programs.


Winston-Salem Christian

6’5 ’20 Joseph Flanagan

The big man did an excellent job of embracing his role throughout this contest, providing great energy, pursuing every rebound, and defending with purpose. He’s undersized for his position, but Flanagan just works so hard and frequently gets rewarded with dump-off passes and second-chance rebounds.