#89- 6’0 ’22 Dwight Canady- The young, incredibly well-rounded point guard continues to impress. He’s been terrific with the WNC Warriors and looked equally as comfortable playing against bigger/older opponents. Canady displayed excellent craftiness when attacking the basket, both as a passer and finisher. He knocked down plenty of jumpers and contained his assignment well on defense.


#115- 6’3 ’21 Javonte Waverly- By now, folks should be well aboard the Waverly train, as he’s a clear star in the making. He has that “it” factor and makes everyone around him better. Waverly plays such a savvy, intelligent game, and is capable of dominating both sides of the ball. He’s an unselfish leader with brilliant vision and consistent three-level scoring ability. Waverly is equally as tough on defense, where he’s able to reliably shut down either guard position and force turnovers at a high rate.


#126- 6’4 ’20 Kalib Matthews- The long, athletic wing/forward prospect has been nothing short of exceptional these last few months and carried that into camp. Matthews draws a lot of attention with his highlight-reel plays, but his meticulous understanding of the game deserves to be noted. He seems to get better and showcase something new each time out. Matthews shot the ball incredibly well throughout the day, while still displaying his usual amount of creation skills off the bounce. His IQ, toughness, and two-way versatility are really starting to shine.


#145- 6’0 ’21 Breon Pass- The young, all-around point guard should certainly be regarded as one of the top prospects in his class within the state. He’s shown flashes of dominance on both sides of the ball here at camp. Pass sees the floor tremendously well and simply has a unique smoothness about his game. He has a phenomenal offensive repertoire and knows how to make his supporting cast better. Pass has no real weaknesses and should continue being recruited at the highest level.


#137- 6’8 ’20 Maddux Harrell- Thus far, no player has stood out as a better glue-guy than Harrell, a long, fairly athletic forward prospect. He has a terrific motor and knows how to naturally make hustle plays on both sides of the ball. Harrell fights hard on the glass and pursues rebounds with force. He plays aggressively and protects the rim quite well on defense, but also showed quality signs of skill on offense. Harrell hit multiple perimeter jumpers and scored efficiently around the basket.


#66- 5’11 ’19 Devin Resper- It’s somewhat surprising to see that Resper isn’t already signed to play at the next level. He’s smart and poised, which allows him to run the team very effectively on offense. Resper sets up others quite well and displays an excellent pull-up jumper from midrange. He’s slightly undersized, but has a strong, stocky frame and possesses a quick first step. Resper knows how to play the right way on both sides of the ball and could be a great late addition for a variety of programs.


#114- 6’4 ’21 Cohen Gaskins- Perhaps no player impressed more than Gaskins, who is somewhat unassuming, but an absolute killer. Each time we see him, Gaskins seems to just get better and better. He’s incredibly smart and it’s quite evident in everything that he does. Gaskins makes terrific decisions with the ball and does brilliantly subtle things to set up his teammates. His feel for the game is simply off the charts, and he possesses the necessary size and skill to dominate a game. Gaskins scores the ball efficiently from all three levels with great variety. He recognizes mismatches and exploits them. Gaskins makes up for a lack of major athleticism on defense with pristine positioning.


#121- 6’4 ’19 De’Ante Petree- The long, athletic wing prospect was the most impressive unsigned senior on display. Petree just plays like a winner. He makes the right play at the right time and knows how to impact the game extremely well on both ends of the floor. Petree can operate as a primary ball-handler or work without the ball and carve out scoring opportunities as an off-ball cutter. He’s quite versatile on defense and can easily span across three positions while securing rebounds at a strong rate. It’s ridiculous that Petree isn’t signed yet, but that has to change sooner than later.


#107- 6’2 ’22 LeBron Thomas- The young, intelligent point guard was very impressive on both sides of the ball in each of his showings today. Thomas approaches the game with consistency and never wavers. He’s always looking to set up his teammates and naturally makes others better with his vision, craftiness, and unselfishness. Thomas proved himself against some elite opponents today and refused to back down from anyone in his path. He’s so rugged defensively and forces turnovers at a phenomenal rate. Thomas’ leadership by example and rebounding instincts continue to stand out against any competition.

#125- 6’5 ’23 Dice Royster- There’s a lot to be excited about with the rising freshman, who will have a chance to be very productive this upcoming season. Royster possesses a nice blend of interior and perimeter skills, which allows him to cause mismatches simply by being on the floor. He’s athletic, versatile, and shot the ball fairly well throughout the day. Royster blocks a ton of shots defensively and is capable of pushing the break in transition.