#59- Caleb Senyo- The well-rounded point guard simply knows how to make a strong impact regardless of setting or surrounding teammates. He scores efficiently from all three levels, makes intelligent decisions with the ball in his hands, and knows how to do the little things to give his team an edge. Senyo will certainly be one to watch grow going forward.

#63- Bradin Minton- It’s easy to get excited with all these high-level prospect in the gym, but Minton was quietly one of the most impressive young players on display. He’s a smart, two-way guard prospect with an excellent blend between scoring and playmaking. Minton has the all-around game to be a major contributor at the high school level sooner than later, especially given how much he’s improved over the last few years.

#68- Brevin Klym- The smooth, strong-bodied guard was arguably the best surprise from camp, given how he was destroying opponents left and right without uttering a single word. Klym showed up, went about his business, and was one of the most productive and efficient players as a result. He shot the ball at a high level but was also always looking to set up teammates whenever possible.

#70- Hamilton Campbell- Unsurprisingly, the electric point guard prospect continues to be one of the most exciting performers in the gym. He’s extremely crafty with the ball in his hands and regularly creates for himself and others. Campbell is nearly unstoppable in transition and showcased his ability to score on all three levels throughout the day.

#80- Kavan Horton- No player performed with better pace than Horton, who seemed to be in “go” mode throughout the day, which is standard at this point. His motor is so overwhelming, especially on defense, and allows for him to outwork the opposition for loose balls and extra possessions, leading to a plethora of easy points in transition. Horton could be poised for a breakout upcoming season.

#81- Lee Langstaff- It’s perplexing how Langstaff doesn’t already hold at least a handful of offers, given his sheer consistency against high-level competition. He creates for himself and others while scoring with phenomenal efficiency from all three levels. Langstaff makes very smart decisions with the ball in his hands and has the necessary athleticism to finish well above the rim, regardless of defensive pressure.

#87- Trent Noah- The young, strong-bodied wing prospect continues to be the most versatile prospect in the building, especially for his age. No player affected more action on either side of the ball than Noah. He operated as the primary creator and played with strong efficiency throughout the day.

#92- Parker Grant- It’s easy to see the appeal with Grant, who is long, crafty, and fairly athletic for his size/position. He proved to be a strong offensive option with the ability to attack the basket or knock down jumpers from the perimeter. Grant handles the ball well and possesses quality passing vision, allowing him to operate from either guard position.

#94- Darius Davis- Few guys were more impressive than Davis, who continually made the smart, correct play at all times. He was simply exceptional in the open floor, both as a scorer and playmaker, and pushed the break with poise and consistency. Davis is an intense rebounder and defender with the ability to force turnovers with relative ease.

#105- Lucas Jenkins- Every team simply needs a guy like Jenkins, someone who shows a willingness to involve himself on every play even if it doesn’t result in individual points. His motor is nonstop on both ends of the floor, which allows him to be a leader in almost all categories without needing to force the action.

#106- Miles McClure- The young, strong-bodied forward/post prospect continues to be extremely reliable in basically all facets of the game. McClure understands how to maximize his role and offensive touches but also shows a clear willingness to battle for rebounds and make passes to open teammates.

#111- Charlie Browder- The strong-bodied forward was one of the most intriguing players on display today. He offers a nice balance between scoring, defending, and rebounding, which allows him to consistently affect the action without necessarily requiring offensive touches. Browder can faceup, put the ball on the floor, cut without the ball, and operate from the block.

#113- Cameron Stitt- The smooth, skilled forward continues to be an absolute matchup problem for all types of opponents. Stitt shoots the ball extremely well, particularly for his size, and can apply offensive pressure in a variety of different ways. He’s only going to continue to get better, especially on defense, and will be one to watch throughout the upcoming season.

#117- Saliou Niger- The long, wiry big man prospect was arguably the most enticing long-term prospect in attendance, especially when you account for his incredible trajectory over the last calendar year. Niger is capable of facing up or operating with his back to the basket quite well. He plays above the rim and will only continue to get more polished and fluid over the coming months.