5’10 ’27 CP Perry (Team Ish)

There were a lot of productive contributors for Team Ish, and Perry stood out as a consistent tone-setter from start to finish. He’s an absolute pest defensively, providing a ton of energy, overwhelming opposing ball-handlers, and forcing turnovers with regularity. Offensively, Perry showcased the full arsenal. He hit shots, made plays off the bounce, and set up others at a strong rate. Given his age and blend of skills, Perry will be one to keep an eye on. 

6’3 ’23 Jaydon Young (Greensboro Day)

It’s easy to appreciate the balance within the Bengals’ approach, but Young clearly stood out as the leader of this group. He’s a strong, skilled guard prospect with the ability to score from all levels, apply pressure in transition, and create for himself and others. Young has also definitely added strength. He attacked the basket with relative ease, displayed craftiness, and finished above the rim. Young defended and rebounded well for his position throughout the day. 

6’1 ’25 Dashawn McKoy (Carolina Rockets)

While the entire Carolina Rockets roster is worthy of attention, McKoy arguably stood out as their most exciting prospect. He’s long, wiry, and explosive with effortless lift and the ability to finish through contact. McKoy thrives in transition, but also displayed a nice array of skills in the half-court. He also hit shots, showed the ability to handle the ball, and made numerous plays defensively. McKoy will be one to watch going forward. 

6’0 ’25 Beau Harvey (Chatham Charter)

Given everything he showcased previously with Rod Howard Select, no one should be surprised to see Harvey continuing to shine as a passer-friendly floor general. He’s a smart, patient, unselfish point guard who possesses a natural playmaking sense and advanced feel for his age. Harvey scores with efficiency, but doesn’t look to force the action. He understands how to touch the paint, force the defense to collapse, and make the correct read with unwavering consistency. Harvey will be a major x-factor for this group during the upcoming season and beyond. 

6’2 ’24 CJ Vaughn (NC Rise)

The NC Rise group seems to improve with each new viewing, and so does Vaughn. He’s a definite leader with toughness, athleticism, and shot-making ability. Vaughn is great at getting downhill, attacking the basket, and finishing above the rim or through contact. He also mixes it up and hits jumpers from midrange and beyond the arc. Vaughn continues to look more and more likely to breakout over the next few months. 

5’10 ’23 Jordan Moody (Greensboro Day)

There are a ton of valuable pieces on this Greensboro Day squad, and Moody stands out as a difference-maker. He’s a smart, tough, well-rounded guard prospect who excels at producing within a role and filling in the gaps on both ends of the floor. Moody naturally does a little bit of everything as a utility guy for this group. He defends hard, pursues rebounds, makes hustle plays, and scores as needed. Moody is also great about making hustle plays and locating the extra pass 

6’5 ’25 Malachi Simpson (NLPB)

Despite some ups and downs as a team, Simpson proved to be a shining spot for NLPB. He’s long, wiry, and fairly athletic with a blossoming skillset. Simpson displayed the ability to hit shots, handle the ball within a few dribbles, and consistently attack the basket. The upside should be quite obvious, specifically as someone who is only beginning to harness his long-term abilities. Simpson will certainly be a name to keep an eye on. 

6’11 ’26 Prince Nwokemodo (Mount Zion)

Few prospects on display (if any) were as intriguing as the massive, young Nwokemodo. He’s still somewhat raw and developing, but blessed with incredible physical attributes in terms of size, length, and overall strength. Nwokemodo naturally alters shots, pursues rebounds, and runs the floor in transition. He’s a developing big man and has the tools to develop into a very enticing prospect with continued work. 

6’1 ’25 Johnniyus Sharpe (Carolina Heights)

Though the Carolina Heights were short-handed, Sharpe had no issue asserting himself as a focal point for this group. He’s a crafty, effortless three-level scorer who looks to take whatever the opposition gives him. Sharpe finishes well, hits jumpers from midrange and beyond the arc, and can assume playmaking duties as needed. He’s a pesky defender, useful rebounder, and reliable ball-handler. 

6’4 ’25 Brennen Oldham (Chatham Charter)

While various guys could’ve been selected, it’s easy to appreciate everything Oldham brought to this team. He’s a tough, wiry, high-motor forward/post prospect who finishes, rebounds, and makes hustle plays at a high volume. Oldham simply understands how to produce within his role. He works hard on both ends of the floor and capitalizes on his opportunities as presented. Like his teammate above, Oldham will be a vital piece to this group’s success.