6’7 ’24 Richard Goods (Carolina Clutch)

After watching his recruitment steadily increase, it should come as no surprise to see Goods continuing to operate as a leader for this group. He’s long, mobile, and fluid with the necessary blend of feel, touch, and footwork to attract various types of coaches. Goods is a quality two-way rebounder with a useful motor and the ability to alter shots at a solid rate. 

6’8 ’22 Marshall Klug (Basketpoint)

At this point, Klug should be a familiar name amongst scholarship-level programs within the region. Since announcing his decision to attend prep school, Klug has been on an absolute tear. Not only has he added strength and overall toughness, but he genuinely seems to improve with each new viewing. Klug is extremely skilled for his size and position, displaying touch, and inside-out skill. Expect a ton of programs to be in pursuit going forward. 

6’4 ’24 Austin Swartz (Flight 9)

Although it was a very balanced effort from Flight 9, it would be impossible to ignore the production and appeal from Swartz. He’s already a lethal shooter, especially from beyond the arc, and displays the ability to effectively run a team or find opportunities alongside a primary ball-handler. Swartz defends, creates for himself and others, and displays no real weaknesses on either end of the floor. He should only continue to emerge as a premier prospect within his class.

6’7 ’25 Trent Steinour (Carolina Riptide)

As the only guy playing up on this roster, there is an obvious amount of intrigue and upside with someone like Steinour. He’s already quite tall but truly only beginning to harness his physical tools. Steinour moves well for his size, alters shots at a consistent rate, and displays the ability to finish or space the floor from beyond the arc. Although he showed a ton of flashes, his best basketball is in the future. 

6’0 ’25 Eli Ellis (Big Shots Ellis)

Despite being the youngest player in the program, Ellis found a variety of ways to make an impact throughout this contest. He made smart, unselfish passes while actively seeking out any available shooting opportunities from beyond the arc. Ellis understands how to keep the opposition on their toes, and typically finds himself as a focal point for this group. 

6’7 ’22 Daniel Sanford (DCT Elite)

The appeal should already be fairly obvious with someone like Sanford, especially after his first showing of the day. He’s a strong, mobile, physically imposing forward prospect with explosiveness and regular flashes of skill. Sanford is capable of truly overwhelming opponents inside the paint, but also shoots the ball at a respectable clip from the perimeter. He’s an excellent rebounder with great defensive tools. 

5’9 ’24 Rae Rice (Carolina Riptide)

Although he’s not typically the leader of this group, Rice proved to be a definite asset for the Riptide on both ends of the floor. He’s slightly undersized but utilizes a blend of quickness, toughness, and sheer motor to outwork opponents. Rice forces turnovers at the point of attack, pushes transition play, and finishes or sets up others with regularity. He does the little things and naturally produces for this group as a result. 

6’2 ’22 Kyle Frazier (CC Elite)

Regardless of team structure, Frazier always seems to find opportunities to shine as a glue-guy within the flow of the action. His role and overall presence with CC Elite is no different, as Frazier unselfishly looks to fill in the gaps and make hustle plays as often as possible. He’s a capable inside-out scorer with useful cutting instincts and the ability to defend/rebound much bigger than his size would imply. Frazier displays feel and a strong two-way motor. 

5’10 ’22 Zane Caudle (Basketpoint)

Though slightly undersized, Caudle has shown steady progression in his development as a floor general over the years. He looks quite comfortable dictating the action with the ball in his hands, displaying confidence and the understanding of how to properly set up his teammates. Caudle is a capable shooter, but definitely prefers to probe the opposition and find the best available shot. He also positions himself for success as a defender and rebounder. 

6’8 ’23 Beckham Tharpe (Carolina Riptide)

Given the short-handed roster, Tharpe’s contributions have been especially evident on both sides of the ball. He’s a long, physical, high-motor post prospect with the ability to alter shots, control the glass, and run the floor properly in transition. Tharpe utilizes his nonstop energy to secure extra possessions and finish around the basket. 

6’5 ’24 Isaiah Evans (CLT Nation)

Although there is obvious appeal with his size and athleticism, folks should start recognizing Evans as one of the top prospects in his class sooner than later. He’s smart, polished, and continually highlights a ton of versatility on either end of the floor. Evans is a strong finisher with vision, toughness, and the ability to apply efficient inside-out scoring pressure. He displays useful rebounding instincts and defensive prowess. Evans also attacks effectively off the bounce, especially for his size. There is obvious appeal, and Division I coaches should take notice.