6'1 '24 Chase Daniel (Team Force)

Although a lot of folks have been actively talking about the Daniel twins, it doesn't seem like enough people are acknowledging everything Chase Daniel brings to the table. He's an extremely tough, high-motor guard prospect with the ability to wreak havoc on defense while doing a variety of different things on offense. Daniel can hit shots and create for himself and others while outproducing his assignment in all facets of the game. Their backcourt will cause definite problems for opponents. 

6'0 '22 Jack Dryden (Team Wildcats)

It's very important to have steady, reliable players in the high school game, and Dryden is as dependable as they come. His overall production tends to fluctuate completely based on team need, able to assume more responsibility or find opportunities within his role. Dryden is a capable passer, consistent perimeter shooter, and adaptable defensive presence with an understanding of how to compete on every single possession. He will be a key throughout the season. 

6'9 '25 Gevonte Ware (Team 1 of 1)

In terms of long-term appeal, no player in attendance stands out more than Ware. At a strong, mobile 6-foot-9, his combination of size, toughness, and flashes of skill already makes places him amongst the top prospects in North Carolina's Class of 2025. He finishes well with either hand, utilizes his body properly around the basket, and naturally causes matchup problems with his overall polish. Ware truly has the makings of a special prospect, especially if he continues on his current trajectory. 

6'0 '23 TJ Cave (Winston-Salem Christian)

There were a lot of enticing pieces on this Winston-Salem Christian group, but Cave consistently found ways to stand out as their clear leader. Not only is he the main tone-setter defensively, but he also has the understanding of how to properly dictate the offensive action as a floor general. Cave is a great athlete with sharp quickness, creation skills, two-way toughness, and the ability to score from multiple levels. He should be poised for a productive high school season. 

6'4 '22 Chas Stinson (Liberty Heights)

While there were a variety of impressive performers from Liberty Heights, it's so easy to appreciate Stinson's adaptable all-around game. He's a long, wiry wing/forward prospect who has already boosted his recruitment since joining his new squad. Stinson plays hard, defends multiple positions, scores in a variety of ways, and naturally fills in the gaps on both ends of the floor. Scholarship-level coaches should get involved before his recruitment takes off. 

6'7 '22 Ethan Smith (Winston 76ers)

After standing out as a primary option throughout the summer, Smith continues to shine as a focal point with the Winston 76ers. He's a sturdy, skilled forward prospect with the ability to apply pressure as a reliable floor-spacing option from beyond the arc. Smith can attack closeouts, make smart passes, and finish at the rim. He also rebounds the ball well and contains his assignment effectively on defense.

5'10 '22 CJ Harrist (Team Hope)

The true floor general is somewhat of a dying breed, but Harrist is as unselfish as they come from the point guard position. He's not ever going to 'wow' anyone with his strength or athleticism, but everything he does is intentional and purposeful. Harrist is an incredibly sharp passer and crafty ball-handler that legitimately doesn't waste dribbles or unnecessary movements. He never overdribbles and looks to move the ball as quick as possible. That being said, Harrist can also knock down shots and make his presence felt defensively. 

6'1 '23 Landon King (United We Stand)

The entire United We Stand roster is worthy of attention from college coaches, but King was definitely their top performer in this contest. He's a tough, heady guard prospect with excellent downhill penetration and the ability to finish or set up teammates with ease. King defends very well, forces turnovers at a consistent rate, and plays hard on both ends of the floor. He will be a definite x-factor for this group. 

6'5 '25 Jackson Powers (PSB Cassada)

Although their whole roster displayed terrific balance, Powers stood out as much as anyone with his production and two-way presence. He's a big, strong-bodied post prospect with the ability to battle inside or step out and knock down perimeter jumpers at a nice percentage. Powers utilizes his body very well to clear out space as a rebounder and understands how to run the floor hard in transition.